5 Types Of Candidates That Graduate Employers Love

It’s not easy being a graduate trying to find a job. You’ve got the job to find, the CV to perfect and the interview questions to get your head round – all whilst trying to keep some kind of social life! To top it all off, it can be pretty difficult to understand what type of graduate companies are looking for. You see all your friends getting a job but you’ve got no idea why you’re not – and it can be easy to get fed up pretty quickly!

Well the truth is – employers have so many people to choose from now that it can be really difficult to choose. Even though it really isn’t personal, there are certain traits that employers love to see which could really help you get a job. So, to help you on your way, we’ve come up with five types of candidates that graduate employers love.

Pro-Active People

Most graduate employers are looking for someone that’s going to hit the ground running when they first start their job – so you need to show that in your job application and interview. Make sure you use keywords like “self-motivated” and “self-starter”.

Also, make sure you’ve got some hard evidence that shows off your pro-active nature. This can be the part time job you do on top of your studies or your dedication to a society throughout your third year – anything that shows your employer that you’ll be a help rather than a hindrance.

big ideaPassionate People

Another thing a potential employer will be looking for is a graduate with fire in their belly. You need to show that you’ve got a passion for the industry you’re going into and you really want the job. If not, someone will come along with more enthusiasm and pinch the job from right under your nose. .

So if you get to interview stage show that you’ve got something about you in the interview by dressing well and researching the ins and outs of the company. If you’re unsure about what to wear to your interview have a look at this post. You’ll be surprised at the difference dressing well can make to your interview success.

Experienced People

With the job market being extremely competitive at the moment, employers need to differentiate between candidates. One way that they can do this is by looking at how much experience each person has – so it’s really important that you get some experience under your belt.

Join a society, get some work experience in your chosen industry or even just get a part time job. You might think that your potential employer won’t be interested in those little part time jobs – but those jobs show that you can get a job, turn up on time and work within a team.

So don’t dismiss the idea of a part time job – it can be equally as important as industry experience. If you’re panicking because you haven’t got any experience, don’t worry. Have a look at our post which can help you to decide what to do next if you’ve no experience.


To put it bluntly a lot of employers see hiring a graduate as a good investment for them. They can train and mould the graduate into a leader within the company. That said; it will be in their interest to make sure that you have natural leadership skills – so make sure that you’re ready to answer any questions about when you’ve lead a team.

This might have been at uni when you’ve done group work as part of your degree – or it could be leadership of a society. This way you can show that you’re a good long term investment.

Flexible People

Depending on who you’re working for, some roles may require you to travel around the country or work slightly different hours. It can actually be a deal breaker for some employers – so if you’re willing to be flexible then make sure you state it on your application and in your interview.

If you’re not willing to travel or work different hours then DON’T say that you will – you’ll just end up with an awkward situation if you do get the job. This rule applies to all aspects of your interview/application – if there’s an aspect of the job that you’re really not comfortable with then say. You don’t want to be left feeling upset because you hate your job. Honesty is always the best policy.

So there we go, five people that graduate employers love – try and keep these points in mind next time you apply for a graduate job.