5 Trainings to Consider Having for Your Employees this Year

As a business owner or manager, your employees are under your leadership and are your responsibility. While many businesses will conduct different trainings throughout the year to teach different parts of the systems or update everyone on new health insurance benefits, there are other beneficial things you can make sure they know too.

Many trainings are offered in just about every part of a business, so how do you know which ones you should focus on for your employees? It helps to start off on what you feel like are the best things for them to know. Even if these trainings don’t have to do directly with your business software programs, everyone can benefit.

Leadership Traininglooking at a phone

Managerial positions are available in many different departments, and usually training is offered when a new employee comes on board. However, there are benefits to having all of your employees go through a leadership training. No business owner wants a bunch of mindless robots coming in and doing their tasks. A good entrepreneur knows that they don’t always have the best ideas or know the most effective ways to get things done.

A leadership training can take employees and teach them ways to be more proactive. When you show a group of people how to take the initiative in a task or want to teach them the proper channels to give constructive feedback, they are more likely to do it. Some of your most valuable resources are your employees who do these tasks every day. They can give you some really good ideas on increasing productivity or simplifying a process.

Being Healthy

One of the most popular trainings that companies all over the world have started doing is to teach their employees how to be healthy. While some companies choose to build gyms and healthy menus in their cafeterias, not every business has those options because of size and budget.

There are many benefits to teaching people how to be healthy. The costs that are paid out to health insurance companies through premiums or group rates can significantly decrease if the people being covered are healthy. If you have an office full of inactive, overweight people, the health problems are going to pop up a lot more frequently than those who have desk chairs filled with employees who exercise regularly.

Basic First Aid Training

Another health-based training to consider is having your employees learn basic first aid. This includes learning CPR and the Heimlich maneuver so that if an emergency arises, your employees are prepared. Even in a low-stress environment, there are situations or health problems that can arise that you need to plan for. The more people who are around that can help, the better chance of saving a life if it does happen.

Information Technology Training

Equipment needs to work for a business in order for the job to get done, and it’s no secret that the most common piece of equipment that companies use is the computer. However, there’s only so much your IT team can handle during the day. It can also be frustrating for you and your employees when they do not have the tools they need to complete their job. So much valuable time and money is wasted waiting for computer problems to get fixed.

In order to cut back on wasted time for everyone, consider having a training where employees are taught basic computer repair and maintenance, networking, and phone systems. You should also probably take the time to brush up in IT security and policies on outside devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

By having a training, you can walk through the most common problems with computers or more specifically, your company software, so that people can try to solve their own problems first.

sales trainingSales Tactic Training

Not everyone in a business is going to be part of the group that is selling your products or services. There are benefits though to having all of your employees go through a training aimed at increasing their sales capabilities. When people understand how to sell products better, they are more likely to be more assertive in their own job, whatever it is.

Just like the other trainings, this can help to make employees more assertive and direct. Communication is a weak area for many people, but when someone can gain confidence in their ideas like a salesman, they carry that into their own area.

Value Your Employees

The best things you can do to help your employees are to listen to them, help each one do their job better, and make everyone feel valued. When an employee feels like they are important to the business, they are more likely to be dedicated to their job.

What trainings are you planning on having this year?