Working as a successful businessman or woman does not often happen overnight, and instead requires hard years of commitment and dedication. Some people are natural-born salesman, leaders, innovators, etc. However, most of us have to work hard to make it in the business world, and can only develop the necessary skills the old-fashioned way – practice. Understanding some of the top skills any legitimate business man or woman needs will help you to develop in areas where you struggle so that you can be taken seriously in the world of business – Read ahead to learn what makes the ultimate business man or business woman.


If you really want to be successful in the world of business, you need to be a self starter. Not all of us have the natural tendency to be a go-getter and stay on top of everything. But staying self-disciplined and motivated at all times when running a business and striving to become a successful entrepreneur is necessary regardless of the industry you are getting into. Self-discipline requires you to dedicate specific amounts of time to completing projects and tasks that are work-related, which are often more demanding than traditional positions in the workplace today. If you truly want to be successful in business, you can’t wait for others to check on your progress or give you the motivation to get started—your determination has to come from within.

Public Speaking

Whether you are pitching a sale or looking for new potential investors, having the ability to speak in public is essential when you want to make a bigger impact in any market or field you represent. Not everyone is particularly loquacious, or has an impressive vocabulary. The only way to get better at talking in front of people is to practice. If you get nervous presenting to people, or even talking face to face, you’ll need to overcome this challenge if you want to have success. Although much business is done over the phone or online, you still need to posses the people skills necessary to make sales, win over investors, and promote your company through word of mouth. If you are passionate about being a good business man or woman, let your love for the product, service, or industry fuel your confidence when it comes time to speak to others.

Making Connections

Learning more about empathizing and how to connect with others is necessary when you want to be a successful leader in any type of business. Being empathetic and actively listening to potential partners, investors and others who want to work with you is necessary when networking and building relationships professionally. What it really comes down to is making connections—can you relate to your clients, investors, and potential customers. If you can make strong connections with people, it will allow you build relationships. Truthfully, business relies heavily on relationships. You will need to posses the skills necessary to build relationships with people if you plan to be successful in business. The ability to talk to anyone about anything is a talent every business man or women strives to posses, in order to make quick connections with those they interact with.

Good Sense of Character Judgment

Having a good sense of character judgment is another necessity in any type of business you are working in, whether you are selling products, services or even providing an online outlet for your brand. When you begin working with others and developing new business relationships or partnerships, knowing how to judge good character with the individuals you want to work together with is a way for you to avoid any potential conflict or upset in the future while still allowing you to get ahead professionally. This characteristic will also come in handy if you ever need to hire people. If you can aptly judge those who will help your company or department succeed from the beginning, it will save you a lot of time and frustration down the road.


Business men and women are required to multitask, and are often over-booked and over-worked. Balance must be worked at, especially if you are working to become a successful business owner or entrepreneur of any kind. Working to find balance is a way to reduce stress regularly while also giving you more time to refocus your energy on professional projects and still having time to enjoy life. Taking vacations, relaxing and knowing when to unwind are good ways for you to avoid burning out or becoming too overwhelmed, which can stop you in your tracks on becoming a successful businessman or woman. If you plan on being successful in the business world for a long time, you need to know how to take a break every once and a while, or you’ll burn yourself out within the first few years of your career.

If you feel inadequate when it comes to any of the previously listed skills, don’t stress. Although some people seem to have it all, no one possesses all of these skills, nor can anyone demonstrate any skill perfectly. If you feel that you are far behind when it comes to the skills necessary to be a successful business man or woman, start with one area. Start where you feel you can use the most work. As you start do develop a new skill, you will find that the others will come to you more easily. While you work to become more proficient as a business person, you will have a greater vision for your company, or your career, and you’ll be able to identify which skills are necessary to succeed.