There’s no denying the appeal of the millennials. The offspring of the baby boomers represent a sweet spot in today’s workforce, and virtually every company is clamoring to hire them. Thing is, millennials are not like their overly driven baby boomer parents, or even like gen X. Understanding what millennials are looking for, both in terms of work life and personal life, can be the key to tapping into this rich market of workers. Start attracting millennial job applicants with these five tips.

Here are five tips for attracting millennial job applicants:

1. Offer flexible work options.

No doubt about it, millennials are not your 9-5 office kind of worker. Strong believers in flexible work, millennials will often choose jobs with flex rather than work day in and day out in an office. And according to a Cisco study, a whopping 69 percent of millennials believe that office attendance on a regular basis is absolutely unnecessary. So to attract millennial job applicants, flex your flexible work muscle and offer workplace flexibility in the form of telecommuting, flex schedules, job sharing, compressed workweeks, and freelance or contract jobs.

2. Give them ownership over their work.

It can be frustrating to work days (or even weeks) on a project, only to hand it in and never hear about it again. Millennials want their work to matter, and one way they achieve this is through ownership. This can translate into ownership of their job (and its responsibilities), as well as the quality of their performance. Recognition of their hard work—and showing how it plays into the greater good of the company—is something that millennials strive for, so make sure that allowing them to have ownership of their role is part of your company’s culture.

3. Get them together.

Despite their desire to work remotely, millennials are a social bunch. This makes sense, since they are a tech-savvy group with superior social media skills. According to the IdeaPaint’s Millennial Workplace Trends Survey, 74 percent of millennials seek collaboration in small groups and also look for input from their peers and bosses. Make sure to give them the tools to communicate with each other on their terms, such as offering a variety of collaboration and communications tools. But beyond tech tools, you can attract millennial workers by letting them know that your company offers retreats and encourages workers who live in close proximity to get together. By hosting company-wide retreats and smaller get-togethers, millennials will see that your company cares about collaboration.

4. Reaffirm their purpose.

Millennials don’t just want a job; they want to do work that matters. In the Bentley University study “Millennials in the Workplace,” a staggering 84 percent of millennials reported that making a difference meant more than professional recognition. Companies can tap into the millennial need to matter by ensuring their company does work that is purposeful. This can be achieved by having philanthropic works, humanitarian projects on either a global or local level, and an ethical way of doing business.

5. Invest in them.

One of the quickest ways to lose workers is by hiring them for dead-end jobs. You know the kind; the ones that have no potential for promotion or any sort of growth. Millennials are no exception to this, so to attract (and retain) top-tier millennial workers, you’ll need to show them that your company is interested in investing in them—and their career. The best way to do this is from the very beginning—write strong job descriptions that showcase your company’s commitment to its workers and their future.

Millennials are some of the most innovative workers the workforce has seen. Harness their potential by knowing their needs and exceeding them so that your company is the one that attracts millennials and makes your organization the best it can be.

Readers, what tips do you have for attracting millennial job applicants? Tell us in the comments below!