The work-culture around the world has come a long way and the credit for this goes to the advancement in the field of technology. Unlike, earlier where a person had to get involved in physical labor while doing any work could now be done easily just sitting in front of a computer or any other electronic device.

The majority of us will agree that this transition is good as it has stimulated the progress of mankind. But on the other hand, it is taking a toll on our health primarily by invoking a sedentary lifestyle. And the ones’ who are most affected by this are none other than your own employees.

Most of the modern-day employees hardly practice any kind of physical activities at their respective workplaces. Crushed under the ever-growing workload, they just sit down in front of their machines for long periods of time. This sedentary motion has serious repercussions over their body which includes their cardiovascular and mental health.

However, to mitigate such situations and encourage employees towards a healthy lifestyle, organizations are now implementing what is called a corporate wellness program.

What is a Corporate Wellness Program?

For those of you who are new to this term, a corporate wellness program is an in-house initiative by employers to make their employees fit by assigning them various health activities which they can follow inside and outside their workplaces. These wellness programs further help you enhance your employees’ productivity and scale up their motivation levels by keeping them healthy and active.

Though most conventional employee wellness programs remain confined within the workplace only. There now exist various cloud-based corporate wellness platforms that let your employees access and participate in your health initiatives from practically anywhere. Further, these platforms enable organizations to create and modify their health initiatives efficiently and without disrupting the participants’ experience.

Having a corporate wellness platform has become utterly important for organizations willing to improve their employees’ overall health and harness their true potential by instilling a healthy lifestyle.

So, here in this article, I’ll explain how it benefits you and what are the key things you should look into for selecting the best corporate wellness platform for your organization.

5 Things to Keep in Mind for Selecting a Corporate Wellness Platform

1. Check if the proposed corporate wellness platform can operate globally

The globalized business model in the present-day has allowed organizations to operate and look for talents beyond borders. As such, it has become very important for them to ensure that whatever system they implement is capable of supporting their global ambitions.

The exact same thing goes for selecting a corporate wellness platform as well. Even if your employees are spread across various countries, taking care of their health and wellbeing is still your responsibility. In such a case, having a platform that lets you run your employee wellness program smoothly irrespective of any geographical barriers could come in very handy.

Some of these platforms also enable you to create multiple employee wellness campaigns for different teams or departments and run them simultaneously without any issues.

2. Will it support your employee reward initiatives

When you reward your employees for their achievements and efforts they feel motivated. It inspires them to do much better and instills a sense of accomplishment that cheers them up.

Combining your employee rewards with a corporate wellness program further enhances the impact of your employee welfare initiatives.

If you’re wondering how then let me explain it to you.

In general, you would be rewarding your employees whenever they excel in their work and produce better results. However, following the same strategy in your wellness initiatives will encourage your employees to actively participate in your workplace health activities and give their best to earn the reward. This way as an employer you get another meaningful employee rewards scheme and at the same time, you are also able to improve their health.

3. Is the platform supported by a mobile app?

Mobile applications are now a vital part of our lives. They support almost every aspect of our day to day activities right from ordering our daily utilities to performing our professional duties. Having said this, an efficient corporate wellness platform should also be able to render its services over a digital mobile app.

These apps should enable your employees to track their physical activities and present them with accurate metrics regarding their health status. Further, by using the data from the application you’ll be able to set the correct course of action for your wellness program that would maximize its positive impact on your employees. Hence, it is highly recommended that when you go for selecting any wellness platform always check the mobile application and its features for delivering your employees a better workplace wellness experience.

4. Ease of setting up and maintaining your corporate wellness program

The whole point of going forward with a corporate wellness platform is to streamline your entire employee health initiative. In this fast-moving world, you shouldn’t be wasting your precious time thinking about the right corporate wellness strategies and work on it from scratch. The platform should provide you with all the necessary tools and analytics to create a wellness program that syncs perfectly with your workforce. It should allow you to automate your entire wellness journey and provide a seamless flow of data that would help maintain your initiative in a much better way. Thereby, saving both time and money that you’re willing to spend on the betterment of your employees’ health.

5. How great is the after-sale support of the vendor?

Believe me, one of the biggest challenges that an HR manager often has to face is when it comes to sorting out any technical issues that may arise in a system implemented by the organization. The severity of this problem further deepens if that system is exclusively meant for your employees. And you shouldn’t let the same thing happen with your corporate wellness platform at any point in time. Therefore, when you are sure about getting such a platform always emphasize on knowing about your vendor’s support structure for quickly resolving any issue faced by you or your employees at large.


Corporate wellness platforms like that of Vantage Fit has really proved to be one of the essential elements that is going to benefit everyone in your workplace. The ability to create and customize your wellness programs on the go is what makes this worth investing. With such a platform at your disposal, you can not only transform your work culture but also reap the benefits of having a healthy workforce. And I hope that by reading this article you have understood its importance and now will be able to make the right choice whenever you want to purchase a corporate wellness platform.

Also, don’t forget to download my company’s free guide on corporate wellness program if you want to master the art of giving your employees a wholesome work experience.

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