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Many are those who are seeking jobs as compared to recruiters. In addition to that, recruiters don’t have several days to go through a person’s resume. It calls for learning how to impress a recruiter in your resume, using few words.

Your resume should provide the recruiter with up to date information from address to employment history. If you happen to go through various interpreter resume examples, you will notice that one has to show an understanding of the position you are applying for.

Don’t just jumble different words together in an attempt to impress the recruiter. To draw the interest of the reader to your resume, consider incorporating the following skills:

1. Leadership Skills

No argument there, leaderships are impressive skills to possess as a job seeker. You need to highlight the areas where you were able to lead a group of colleagues to deliver a particular task. You should be able to motivate others to do the right things in the workplace.

Leaders are those who can steer others in the right direction. That’s why there are different positions in a business and each person in any position has a role to play.

2. Common Sense

A recruiter can tell a lot about you from your resume. Always go through the resume to check for any grammatical errors or sentence structure and make the necessary corrections. If you submit a resume with errors, it will reflect poorly on your services.

Pay attention to the details in the resume. Follow the interpreter resume format as outlined. Don’t include strange hobbies or interests that you may have. Summarize your qualifications at the top and don’t make demands at the recruiter.

3. Conflict Resolution

It is not uncommon for colleagues to cross paths. Thus, possessing the ability to handle conflict in a composed and fair manner is essential. It is not wrong to agree to disagree, but it shouldn’t be cause for strive at the workplace.

If you can stand your ground on what is right and not hold a grudge with any opposing parties, that’s a skill to be highlighted and worth possessing.

4. Ability to prioritize

Many times in a work scenario, you will be faced with several tasks that you need to complete at a given moment. You should be able to distinguish which tasks need to do first and what you can save for later. You should also be able to manage your time, properly.

Allocate different time according to the tasks for the day and stick to the schedule. Assign your efforts to each task according to its level of priority.

5. Separate work from personal life

When looking at various job offers, one tries to settle for a position that provides a balance between work and social life. However, it’s hard but not impossible to seek to achieve a semblance of balance. What happens in the workplace is a reserve for it.

Don’t carry your personal life issues to work. As what you do will have an impact on your colleagues. For all to realize a suitable working environment, you have to contribute towards it.

6. Communication Skills

We have to communicate with each other and others in life. We may not want to, but sometimes the situation demands it. It also applies in the running of the business. For the processes to flow smoothly, one should be able to communicate effectively.

You may have emails to send, reports to write or even memo’s among many others. You may also be called out to make a presentation before others. If you do not know how to communicate, how then will you pass your message?


To stand out from the numerous resumes submitted for a particular position, you must be able to highlight your strengths that make you unique. You may have the same qualifications as others but possessing the right skill set will give you an upper hand.

The above are skills you should try to highlight in your resume. Recruiters can detect an embellished skill. That is a skill that doesn’t reflect your real abilities. As you go through your linguist resume sample, support each skill with an elaboration on it.