That’s it. Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year – you name it, they’re all over. You ate too much, drank too much and slept too much – and now it’s back to the 9-5 grind.

Granted, I’m pretty sure no one’s exactly thrilled to be back at work today and nearly everyone is going to be experiencing a case of the post-Christmas blues – but for the vast majority, being back in work isn’t so bad. You get to catch up with work colleagues, reminisce about that dodgy Christmas present your Aunt bought you and finally get through those emails that have been causing your phone to buzz every other hour over the festive period.

Really not feeling being back in work right now? There’s a chance you’ve got a pretty severe case of the post-Christmas blues – and one that might be impossible to fix if you don’t jump ship and find a new employer and role pretty sharpish.

Can’t decide if you’re just feeling a bit down or if you really do need a new job? Here are the five tell-tale signs it’s the latter…

1. You’ve Already Worked Out How Many Days You’ve Got Left To Work This Year:

OK, so with it only being 2nd January today, you might think that sounds like a pretty silly comment and no one would have done the 2014 working day maths yet – but you’d be surprised. Yes, it might sound extreme, but some people really do despise their current role that much…

new job 20142. You Can’t Name Any Elements Of Your Job That You Actually Like:

Now, everyone has elements of their job which they’re less keen on than others – but at least there are elements there that they do like. If you can’t name at least one element that you like/don’t mind doing, it’s not looking good…

3. You Can’t Stand The Company Culture:

When it comes to a job, there’s no denying company culture and work environment plays a big part in how happy you are in the role. That said, it’s pretty rare that you’re going to love everything that your company stands for… but you should at least like some of it. If the company culture is driving you crazy and you just can’t connect with your colleagues, another role with a different employer (whose culture you can relate to) might be worth considering.

4. You Can’t Picture Any Kind Of Future With Your Current Employer:

If the thought of still working for your current employer come 2nd January 2015 brings you out in a cold sweat and leaves you feeling more than a little nauseous, it’s definitely time to consider another job, sooner rather than later. Why? Well there are lots of opportunities around right now – and do you really want to risk 2014 going by in the blink of an eye like 2013 did – and your worst nightmare turning into a reality? Thought not!

5. Last Year You Had More Bad Days Than Good:

Now, unless you’ve landed your dream job where everyone does what you ask, mistakes are never made and everything always happens as you planned it, it goes without saying that you’re going to have bad days at work over the course of a year. That said, there are also going to be OK days and great days too – the trick is to make sure the bad days never outweigh the others.

If you think back to your last 12 months of work – and definitely remember more bad days (and in fact weeks) than good ones, you might want to question how happy you actually are and whether a change in employer or role would make a difference.

Just to conclude, I’m not trying to say for a second that if you’re feeling a bit rubbish and negative about your job today and you agree with a couple of the points I’ve mentioned above, you should start looking for a new job right now.

The thing is, excluding summer holidays, today is the one day of the year that you’re most likely to feel a bit negative about your job – so it’s probably not a good idea to make any big decisions today. If next week or the week after, you come back to this post – or a similar one I wrote in 2012 – and agree with all of the points, by all means, start searching for a new role – but until then, I’d probably say it’s a good idea to let the dust settle and see how you feel in a few weeks (when you’ve got used to getting up at 7am again!).