When job seeking, there’s bound to come a time when an interview hasn’t gone as well as you thought. Maybe you were feeling nervous, fluffed your lines, or you just have a feeling that this wasn’t the dream interview you were expecting.

Sometimes though, it feels like you aced the interview and it’s inevitable that the hiring manager will call you back, offer you the job, and everything will be rosy – but this isn’t always the case!

With this in mind, we’ve put together some signs to look out for that show that the interview hasn’t gone as well as you had hoped.

1) The Interview Was Short

Most companies will let you know approximately how long an interview will take beforehand, so if yours is over a lot quicker than anticipated, then this could be cause for concern.

While there are many reasons why an interview hasn’t taken as long as expected, one of the main reasons is usually that the interviewer didn’t ask you many follow-up questions, and this may be because they weren’t interested in the answers as they’d already decided that you’re not right for the role.

2) The Interviewer Was Distracted

If your interviewer is staring off into the distance, doodling on their notes, or looking at their phone during your interview, it may be fair to assume that they’re not interested in you as a candidate.

A distracted interviewer may be preoccupied and it may not be a reflection on you, but if you can’t engage the interviewer when trying to sell yourself as a candidate, then that’s definitely not ideal!

social media fail 23) No Mention Of The Company

If the interviewer was seriously considering you for the position, then it’s more than likely that they’d brief you about the business as a whole to give you more of an understanding of the organization.

This is important for interviewers as it ensures that the candidate understands the company and its values should they be offered the job – so if there’s no company overview, it could be suggested that the interviewer doesn’t view you as a serious contender for the job.

4) No Mention Of Job Responsibilities

Similar to the last point, if an interviewer is interested in you for the role, they’ll usually outline the position and job responsibilities to you should you be offered the job.

If this doesn’t happen, it could be that the aren’t planning on offering you the job so don’t think there’s any point in explaining the role in further detail.

5) Repeated Mentions Of Other Candidates

If an interviewer is interested in you for the job, they’ll usually want to talk about your skills, experience, and suitability for the role – not other candidates.

If they repeatedly mention that they’re interviewing lots of other candidates and really try to push this point home, it might be that they’re trying to let you down gently before officially saying that you’re not suitable for the job.

So there we go, some signs that your interview went badly that you need to look out for! Do you agree with this advice or have any of your own?

Let me know in the comments below!