5 Reasons Job Simulations are a Pre-Hire Must for Call Centers

As many top call centers have already discovered, pre-hire job simulations are an incredibly effective way to find the people who embody the work culture you want and the superior service and support your customer demand.

Multimedia job simulations allow you to conduct a holistic candidate evaluation, gaining insight not only into your candidate’s skills and abilities, but into whether or not he or she will be motivated on the job and remain in the position for the long term. That’s the talent acquisition equivalent of having your cake and eating it too.

Here are 5 reasons pre-hire call center simulations are a must for hiring frontline representatives:

  1. Simulations gauge job-relevant behaviors: Job simulations provide visual assets, audio files, question formats, and characters that mimic the types of customers who will be encountered on the job. Within minutes of beginning the simulation, candidates must grapple with complex customer issues, deal with angry callers, and learn to navigate a new software system.
  2. Applicants may feel better about taking simulations than tests: Most candidates want to feel some degree of control over their job search and application process. Unlike static paper and pencil tests, simulations allow candidates to demonstrate and apply job-relevant skills during the pre-hire process.
  3. Simulations can be shorter than other testing forms: The better a simulation represents the environment in which candidates will be working, the more expedient they can be. The beauty of multimedia simulations is they provide an accurate perspective of the role as well as a quicker method of assessment.
  4. Simulations directly measure job knowledge: While paper and pencil tests usually measure things that lead to job knowledge, a customized call center simulation allows candidates to step into a situation closely resembling the one they’ll be working in. Additionally, the data collected by these assessments allow hiring managers to make more informed talent selection decisions based on the strengths and weaknesses candidates demonstrate during the simulation process.
  5. Candidates can self-select out of the hiring process: Not everyone who has the skills, knowledge and abilities to succeed in the job will like the job. Simulations provide candidates with an in-depth perspective of the duties and challenges associated with a call center role. Applicants who don’t like the job have opportunity to drop out of the process before ever hitting the call center floor.

The true value of multimedia job simulations provides additional candidate gifts well beyond the scope of your specific job requisition. From providing realistic job previews to developing execution capability, customized call center simulations have a multitude of advantages and applications. In fact, some of our clients have experienced as much as a 22% increase in call quality after implementation, leading to benefits like 30% higher revenue per call and 39% lower 0 – 90-day attrition.

Download your free copy of the whitepaper below and discover the benefits of using multimedia job simulations as part of a comprehensive pre-hiring process.