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Once you’ve put in your notice and have a new position lined up, you might be tempted to give your old company and indeed your boss both barrels. This could be especially tempting if you hate your current position and certain people within the company.

This is never a good idea as the reputation damage is considerable. This post outlines the aspects which will be diminished, and how your career will be negatively impacted from this course of action.

You may need to return to your Company

There may come a time when you need to go back to your company. This becomes impossible to do if you ‘exact your revenge’ before you leave. Playing it cool is playing it professional and this is strongly advised.

Protecting your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is important and good ones unlock career opportunities. Your brand becomes damaged should you decide to tell your boss exactly what you think of him or her. In effect, you are acting in an unprofessional manner. This is why your brand will be weakened and lose competitiveness.

Damage to your Network

Following on from damage to your personal brand it is only a matter of time before members of your professional network get to hear about your outburst against your current, soon to be ex-employers. Again, this will have negative repercussions. People have long memories and should you need to reach out to your network in the future, few will respond positively.

Word Spreads

As well as your own network, word will spread of your unprofessional behaviour in your boss’s network. These will likely be hiring decision makers and again, should you need to move jobs in the future, they will be the ones that say yes or no to hiring you. Once you have a bad reputation, the chances are you will not be number one on their shortlist.


Your new company will no doubt want a reference from your old company. After telling your line manager how inept they are, and criticising key people within the company, your chances of receiving a glowing reference are slim. If your new job depends on this reference you have probably created a host of issues for yourself.

Your Exit Interview

With all this in mind it is a good idea to give constructive criticism during your exit interview, and avoid naming names and indeed an all-out attack no matter how strongly you feel. Everything has repercussions and your goal is to generate positive ones rather than negative ones.

Summing up

No matter how unfair you feel have been treated by the company keeping a cool head is advised. Leaving professionally will ensure that your network, reputation, and personal brand is intact and ready to continue unlocking doors for you in your chosen industry.