HR Expert on speed dialSometimes you need a little help running your small business, and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with seeking out assistance for your small business HR processes. After all, finding the right HR solutions for your company’s specific needs can be challenging.

That’s the bad news. The good news? There’s an answer to this challenge: an outside HR expert. When you manage small business HR yourself, the benefits of having an HR expert on speed dial are numerous. Here are just five of the many reasons to consider working with an outside HR expert.

  1. Convenient HR Support
    When it’s time to hire a new employee, discipline a current one, or rework your policies and procedures manual, you need someone to help with the details and provide solid advice. A human resources professional has the experience and ability to help you develop and administer risk-minimizing procedures within each of these areas.But what happens if you come across an issue after hours? No problem. Working with an outside HR expert gives you the assistance you need, when you need it. It’s like having your very own personal shopper. But instead of great clothes, you get efficient HR solutions.
  2. Lower Cost for Services
    Many small businesses simply don’t have the resources to hire an in-house manager to provide effective HR solutions. However, trying to manage human resources yourself may leave you spending more of your time and money in the end.When you work with an outside expert, you get the benefits of proactive HR management without the cost of hiring a full-time professional.
  3. Solutions that Match Your Vision
    A dedicated, experienced HR expert understands the importance of matching your HR procedures to the specific culture and vision of your company. Unlike hiring an HR manager in-house, outside experts can assess your needs from an objective perspective.Because this person isn’t at risk for termination or other repercussions, she is able to honestly advise you on areas of weakness and strength. This gives you the advantage of innovative ideas and fresh solutions.
  4. HR expert to help your businessAnswers to the Most Pressing HR Problems
    There are some things you simply can’t plan. Issues come up at odd hours, employees make mistakes, and you get stressed. Not everything in life can happen between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.With an HR expert on your speed dial, even the most complicated HR issues can be handled quickly and efficiently. Your questions get answered in a timely and effective manner, leaving you less stressed and more productive.
  5. Protection for Your Organization
    The last thing your small business needs is an employee law suit. But even the most innocent actions on your part can lead to serious legal repercussions. An outside HR expert gives you advice on the best ways to handle various situations in order to avoid negative consequences.From hiring and firing to interoffice relations, it’s important to know what’s acceptable and what isn’t. HR experts are familiar with the laws in your area and can help you stay in compliance, minimizing risks and keeping your company protected.

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