common interview mistakesYou’ve got all the required personality traits, job experience and skills, and your recruiter wants to arrange a meeting with you to discuss career possibilities. There’s only two things standing in between you and your dream job: nailing the interviews with both your recruiter and your potential employer. The interview process can seem scary at first, but it’s really not. It’s your time to shine and prove how you’re the best candidate for the job!

On paper, you may be the best choice for the position; however, there are a few common mistakes
that could cost you. Ace your next interview by avoiding these pitfalls.

1. Bringing food and/or coffee to your interview. This one doesn’t require any further explanation!

2. Not having a professional appearance. This includes chipped nail polish, casual shoes, etc. Remember, a professional appearance does not need to be expensive. You can purchase affordable
clothes at H&M, Joe Fresh, Winners, and/or Reitmans. As long as your clothes are clean and presentable, you’re good to go!

3. Arriving too early for the interview. This is a very common mistake among interviewees. Hiring
managers and recruiters are on a very strict timetable and arriving too early can throw everything off. Even though you might think it’s a good idea to arrive early as it shows you’re eager for the position, it actually does the opposite. Don’t be more than 15 minutes early for your interview.

4. Not having questions to ask interviewer. Nearly every interview you attend will finish off with the hiring manager/recruiter asking if you have any questions for them. Prior to the interview, think of a few questions you can ask. Some ideas include:

  • What do you like most about working here?
  • What skills and experience would make up the ideal candidate?
  • What constitutes as success at this company?

5. Mistakes in thank you note after interview. Writing a thank you note is an excellent idea but don’t make mistakes. This one is obvious!

Even if you are the perfect candidate for the job, one poorly thought-out response or not preparing properly for the interview could put another candidate behind the desk of your dream job. These slips can trump your skills and experience, which can be very disheartening when you are interviewing for a job you love. Although these mistakes are very common, and hiring managers encounter them often, they can still put you in the do-not-call-back folder.

You may be perfect for the job, but one slip of the tongue or poorly thought-out response can destroy your chances, overshadowing all of your talents and putting another candidate behind that desk. These common interview mistakes are very common — human resources managers see them all the time — but that doesn’t mitigate their damaging effects. Be better prepared for your next interview by avoiding these pitfalls.