From pranks to awkward moments, these are all great entertainment for the internet.Flickr is full of gift wrapped office photos. And who doesn’t love the classic stapler stuck in a bowl of jello?

While these are great for youtube and buzzfeed, these pranks are signs that you are under-utilizing your own talent. Here are a few examples of office pranks that show off talent you already have.

1. Star Wars Attacks the Office

The empire wants your ketchup.

The empire wants your ketchup (source)

You gotta love the attention to detail in this picture. Not only are the condiment packages arranged in a way that looks like the Walkers from Star Wars. With the use of multiple materials including cardboard, straws, and ice, this piece shows real creativity.

Whoever made this piece of work, used their time and effort on a joke, rather than something productive for the company. His or her ability could be used to rethink strategy, reuse materials, or find unique solutions otherwise not seen. Rather than build replica star wars scenes, they could help your organization build better processes and save money.

2. A Bear Entirely Made of Post-its

Beyond the smile was a lot of careful planning

Beyond the smile was a lot of careful planning (source)

This image also uses multiple materials in its quest for wall domination. More than the use of multiple colors, notice the outlets at the bottom and on the right. This bear was planned to fit between them.

This joke reveals someone methodical and a great planner. They were able to take an idea (granted yes, a giant pixelated bear) and transfer it successfully to a wall. Also, they seem to understand the ramifications of their actions. The bear is made of post-its, causing minimal damage while maximizing humor. Rather than a stern lecture, this person needs to become a project manager. They can envision and endgoal, while successfully executing it within limitations. Although, maybe you should limit their post-its.

3. The Nicholas Cage Office Collection

Photo-shopping Nicholas Cage’s face on other celebrities is nothing new. However, putting them all together in one place? That’s a whole new level.

The Many Faces of Nicholas Cage

The Many Faces of Nicholas Cage, source

This prank reveals research. Not only did the prankster take the time to find all these images, but printed them off and arranged them. It could also show a creative inclination with photoshop and design. Whoever thought to do this could be great at doing opposition research, finding interesting insight inside your analytics, or perhaps could bring more humor to your marketing team.

4. Planting Seeds in a Keyboard

Patience is a virtue for this prank

Patience is a virtue for this prank (Wetwebwork, source)

This olide requires a little more time and patience than most of our pranks in this list. So what keeps this one around and fresh? The use of timing.

For this prank to succeed, you not only need access to someone’s computer, but also a span of days that they won’t be in the office. Whether it’s a long weekend, or a two week vacation, it’ll give you enough time to pop open their keyboard, plant and water the seeds.

As a boss, this prank reveals a rare trait in the digital age: patience. This jokester is willing to wait days if not weeks for the prank to really work. This worker won’t need instant praise or a bonus handed out every week. If they know that a reward lies at the end, they will do the hard work to reach that goal. With the proper incentive, this person can grow some green for your bottom line.

5. Cubicle War

While hilarious, these interns ratchet up the ante by making the pranks more and more personal. From changing avatars, to literally stapling ties to desks, these interns were fierce competitors because they understood each other very well.

But beyond the impressive 3 million + hits on this video, these two bored interns show a talent that’s being underutilized. They know how to creatively think about their competition. They are able to get into each other’s heads for maximum irkness. As programmers, they may not be good at marketing, but they could be helpful for trying to understand competitors. Succesful at getting into another’s mindset, they could help understand the work that another company is doing, and the steps they are taking to get there.

To be fair, not every prank has a silver lining. Some are hurtful or just inappropriate. But more often than not, pranks reveal skills your workers may not be fully utilizing in their work. More importantly, your workers have enough time to do these great pranks, shows that you are missing opportunities right inside your office.