Long gone are the days when HR managers used to rely on recruitment agencies to help them acquire new talents. It’s a new age now! Therefore, using old traditional techniques will do no good for the companies. They must adapt to the changing trends. Otherwise, they may never be able to fill in the vacant positions. As technology keeps advancing, organizations will have to think of more effective ways to make their hiring process more effective. Here are five ways how companies can recruit and attract top talents in a highly competitive job market.

#1. Empower Your Workforce to Elevate Company’s Perception

Employee advocacy is essential for marketing, branding, and advertising. This is because employees play a major role in attracting the perfect talents. They have the tendency to humanize the brand that can help in extending the reach of job openings. Moreover, whenever an employer says something about the brand, it will always be received with a perception of bias from candidates. However, this does not hold true when an employee makes a statement about the company. Therefore, employers usually encourage their workforce to share their experience.

When it comes to employee advocacy, there are multiple activities that HR departments can consider making a part of it. For instance, the company can create case studies and testimonial videos. It can post tweets about employee satisfaction and can even highlight their achievements. Furthermore, they can share pictures snapped during team building activities on different social media platforms. All this can help attract a pool of talented individuals who might show eagerness to join the company.

#2. Cancel Conventional Power-Dynamics & Adopt Growth-Centric Work Culture

In recent times, conventional work culture with unfair power dynamics has become non-existent. It is now essential that companies foster an environment for their employees that promises growth and enhances the working experience within the organization. Therefore, companies that implement a healthy work culture can set themselves apart from their counterparts. In order to attract potential talent to your company, ensure job satisfaction efforts and an environment of equality.

A clear organizational leadership structure with fair policy goes along in terms of the company’s growth and prosperity. Employee loyalty is majorly dependent on open communication and working relationships that offer respect, support, and a culture of appreciating the staff’s efforts.

#3. Influence Talent Pool with Social Media Presence

In today’s corporate world social media is the most powerful tool to attract the perfect talent for your company. The plethora of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn among many allow the potential candidates and organization to connect and engage efficiently. Additionally, a company’s active presence on Social Media means that they have a credible reputation.

A social media portfolio of businesses is a window into the organization, work environment, employee experience, and job-related facilities. This presence can translate to attracting suitable candidates to the organization. It also has a positive effect on brand identity and outreach.

#4. Invest in AI for Highly Specialized Recruitment Process

Technology has taken over every facet of the professional and corporate environment. It is now a proven fact that Artificial Intelligence has almost taken over recruitment procedures. HR professionals’ work is now cut to half as AI-based applications and software have become extremely efficient, reliable, and accurate. The margin for error in the recruitment process with AI has also become very minimal. Companies and HR do not have to spend excess resources and time to find the perfect candidate for their position.

The AI solution can speed up the process and funnel the right candidate with deep research and efficient algorithms. The high level of sophistication in the recruitment process also means growth in revenue for the organization.

#5. Build A Bridge Between Organizations and Academia to Attract the Right Talent

A highly efficient technique to recruit the right talent and increase employee retention is to connect and engage with institutes and colleges. The education outreach allows the companies to pick out the young talent through apprenticeship programs. This allows the organization and the individuals to grow in a mutual manner. The companies get to train and polish the right talent in a professional environment and creates a workforce that retains. In STEM fields this technique is quite useful to nab highly motivated individuals, right away. Therefore, allowing companies to collaborate and engage with educational institutions is a beneficial recruitment practice.


Job seekers today have become extremely tech-savvy. At the same time, they have become equipped with better resources to assess key employment information. Hence, it has become essential for HR professionals and employers to make use of talent acquisition strategies to not only identify but also impress and attract the best candidates possible.