This week at WordWrite, we say goodbye to our summer interns, Adam Tapparo and Seamus Roddy, and wish them luck as they enter another successful semester of school.

Before their time with WordWrite, neither Adam nor Seamus had held an internship position, and we enjoyed showing them the ropes of the agency world as part of their PR training. During the summer program, Adam and Seamus played an integral role in leading our WordWrite social media program, and used their writing talents to assist with both internal and client-facing campaigns.

As their final farewell to our team, Adam and Seamus put together a few tips for future WordWrite interns looking to make the most of their experiences.

1. Look For Feedback

As an intern, it can be difficult to take constructive criticism. You want to learn, but you also want to prove yourself as a benefit to the company. If your supervisor offers feedback, they are only trying to make you a better PR practitioner. Don’t be afraid to look for feedback from your manager – internships give you the unique opportunity to learn in a professional setting. Soak it all in and learn from your mistakes.

2. Try Everything

 Trying everything will help you gain the experience you want and hone your skills in every area you pursue. It can be tempting to focus solely on areas in which you excel, because it’s easier and reflects well upon you. While this is good for improving strengths, most people learn more when they step outside their comfort zone. In all jobs, there will be elements that are not your favorite. But, just because something may not come easily, doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time and effort. Try everything you are handed, and remember, everything has a purpose.

3. Ask Questions

The questions you ask during your internship are going to provide the foundation for what you learn. Asking questions will help you understand your assignments, but more importantly will ensure that you understand the firm in general. Never hesitate to ask questions to your supervisors about the way the company runs and why they do what they do.

4. Connect With Your Colleagues

It’s important to cultivate good relationships with the people you will be working with. Connect with the full-time members of the firm both personally and professionally. The positive relationships you develop will open up more opportunities to shadow team members as they do their job, or be asked to assist them with client work.