The jobs market can be a very competitive place, so it’s no wonder that more and more people are applying for temporary jobs to build up their experience and increase their employability.

However, applying for these sort of roles isn’t the same as applying for a permanent job, so CVs and cover letters need to be tailored and approached in a slightly different way than your regular job applications.

With that in mind, here’s some tips on how to apply for a temporary job!

1) Tailor Your CV

As with any job application, it’s vital to tailor your application to the role you’re applying for. The best way to do this is to look for certain skills and/or experience requirements in the job description and include them in your CV and cover letter.

Don’t worry if you don’t meet all of the specific requirements, as you can use general skills you have garnered from past roles and adapt them to the one you’re applying for to give you the best possible chance of succeeding.

2) Explain Why You Want A Temp Job

Employers will err on the side of caution when it comes to sifting through applications for a temporary vacancy. This is because they want to make sure that the candidate isn’t just applying for the role as a last resort or quick fix and do actually want to give their all to the position.

In your cover letter, explain what has attracted you to the role, as well as why you’re applying for a temporary position in the first place. Explain that, while you do understand the role is temporary, you are excited about working within the company and taking on particular responsibilities.

job application form3) Show Off Your Temping Experience

Employers will want to know that you understand what a temporary job entails, and what better way to show this off than through your experience of temping?! Organise your experience in order of relevance, not chronological order as you may have been used to, as it’s more valuable to the employer to see what experience you have that’s relevant to the role.

If you’ve had an awful lot of temping experience, try not to include every last bit of work history on your CV. Instead, be selective and avoid bombarding the person reviewing your applying. You want to wow them with your most relevant and impressive work experience – not bore them half to death!

4) Include Your Accomplishments

Temporary jobs are very popular at the moment, so it’s important for you to stand out from the crowd, and including your achievements on your CV is a great way to do this.

Include the most relevant accomplishments on your CV, not just the most impressive. For example, if you’re applying for a social media job vacancy, include a statistic showing how you increased a previous company’s social media following and engagement. These sort of statistics will be music to the employers’ ears, as cold hard facts will always impress people on your application.

So there we go, some tips on how to apply for a temporary job!

Do you agree with these tips, or have you had experience of temp job applications yourself and have your own advice?