Interviewing for a job can be a nerve-racking and demanding experience. You have to dress in a particular way that reflects your professional side, show up on time and say all the right things that sells you to the hiring manager. The interview itself could go well, or it could tilt for the worst and be a nightmare. It could be encouraging or really put a dent on your confidence. But during the interview with all this going on in your mind you sometimes forget one important thing – presenting your personality traits that’ll make you shine and stand out.

When applying for jobs candidates are often deceived by the company’s requirements because the job description is so specific. Sure, it helps to see if your skills, education and experience match the hiring company’s requirements, however, those will help you land an interview. What sets you apart during the interview itself are your personality traits that are unique to you. And that’s what you should be emphasizing on the most.

According to a study conducted by employers are looking for these traits in candidates:

  1. Work Ethics
  2. Dependability
  3. Positive Attitude
  4. Self-Motivated
  5. Team-Oriented
  6. Organization Skills & Multitasking
  7. Ability to Manage Pressure
  8. Effective Communications
  9. Flexibility
  10. Confidence

When I’m looking for talent I’ve kept my search particularly inclined towards these personalities and traits:

1. Integrity

I’ve met plenty of candidates who love to “fluff” up and exaggerate their skills and achievements. Sure you want to set a good impression but it shouldn’t be at the cost of losing your integrity. What you know and have achieved should be something you’re proud of. And similarly what you don’t know and haven’t done shouldn’t be taken as a weakness. Present it as an opportunity for you, which you can overcome with your quick adaptability skills. Hiring managers know that skilled individuals are easier to find than people with integrity.

2. Awareness

True we can’t predict what the future holds for us, but we can take steps today that’ll pave the path of where we’d like to be. A candidate who can walk hiring managers through their journey and lead them to their desired future is worth listening to and considering. Be aware of your strengths, weaknesses, shortcomings and the investments you’ve made in your career. Share these with the hiring manager. It shows determination, belief in yourself and ambition.

3. Likability

An often forgotten fact is that when recruiting, hiring managers are looking for people who will get along with others in the company. Beyond what you can do on the job, it’s equally important that you assimilate with the culture and the people. So let your friendly, cooperative and easygoing side be seen. Everyone loves a team player and that’s what you should present yourself as.

4. Leadership

There’s no trait more appealing to hiring managers than a candidate’s leadership qualities. Their willingness and desire to take ownership and drive to aspire for more is a key ingredient of what good teams have at their core. A candidate who demonstrates confidence, courage, maturity and commitment to a cause is someone any company would hire.

Your strength lie in your personality traits that define you who you are and set you apart from all other candidates. These aren’t something you can flaunt in your resume which usually is concise and reflects your qualifications, skills and experience – i.e. the basics. When you’re sitting across hiring managers you need to charm them with your personality that present you as a highly hirable candidate. Show them you’re a resource they need to hire rather than telling them how much you need a job.