Starting a career after enjoying the fantastic college environment is difficult for all. I want to share four mistakes that I committed while searching for jobs. Actually I made many, but listing the top three which hit my career badly.

1. Not experimenting

I completed my Masters in Finance and wanted to become a writer. It is a well-known fact that a writer can never earn more than an investment banker. After college I started writing as a freelancer for local newspapers and websites. Within 3 months I got an offer from National newspaper to write for them.

I never thought I can write on national dailies but the editor of national daily read my article on a news website, liked it and send me an email. While starting my writing career, I saw my friends getting huge salary packages while working in investment and financial products industry, but selling financial products was never my dream.

I know many people who had extraordinary skills but they left their passion because they didn’t want to experiment things and need stability. After graduating, it is the best time to experiment things because he don’t much responsibilities and don’t have nothing to destroy. Even if you are running behind stables career options, you need to start from quite low.

2. Revealing distracting skills

While appearing for a job of investment banker, interviewer asked me what are your hobbies. As I love to read and write about web design and search engines, gave him a speech about my accomplishments. I could see that was something new for him, he impressed but then he asked ” Why should we hire you ? We need investment banker who can manage investments.” I got rejected.

They selected many people from my batch, those who scored really low in final examinations and did their summer internships really bad. If I could hide that fact that I am highly passionate about web technologies, he could select me.
Having knowledge about web technologies is not a bad thing, rather it is a good thing but if the interviewer start thinking that a particular skill can be a distraction then he won’t choose you at all.

3. Not leaving home city

All love their home city. I was born in a small town in India. After completing my degree I got an offer to work as a credit officer from a public bank. In India every year 4 million people appear for just 55,000 jobs via job earn namely IBPS. After getting selected bank posted me in a metro city which is 5500 miles away from my town. My parents were not ready to move with me and I was not ready to leave them alone. Then I decided to leave the job and do something better in my home town. Soon I came to know that there were no jobs for a finance professional in a small town. I made a big mistake and don’t want anybody reading this to repeat same mistake.

4. Thinking too much about money

How much money can buy happiness. A research by Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology at Harvard University, says that $40,000 a year is enough to fetch necessities of life and live a comfortable life.

Most of the college grads earns more than that still most of them choose jobs for money. After reaching this mark, the level of happiness we get from money diminishes. Doing jobs which you find boring and uninteresting is the biggest mistake. I committed this mistake after completing my graduation degree.

Working at a call centre and replying most foolish complaints of customers was really boring for me. I need to say ” Reboot” on almost every call and I hate monotony. Whereas my colleagues were enjoying their jobs. So it is a personal preference that a job is made for you or not.

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