Good news on the marketing career front! In addition to a healthy job market, many marketing positions are seeing rapid compensation growth. Glassdoor reported a list of 13 jobs where base pay has increased the most over the past year. While not always the best place for objective reviews, Glassdoor is privy to massive amounts of employment and salary data, enabling it to identify obvious trends like this.

We weren’t surprised that marketing jobs are among the most mobile for compensation growth. As analytics capabilities have improved, it’s never been easier for smart, high-performing marketing talent to demonstrably prove its value and make a case for better pay.

Out of the list of 13, there are 4 marketing careers that are expected to have pay increases from 5-7 percent in 2016. Compare that to the national average wage growth of about 2.5% over the last year. If you’re a marketer looking for better remuneration, consider moving your career in one of these directions!

1. Media Planner | Ad Media Marketing Staffing

With the constant innovation of technology, advertising has seen a huge growth from a decade ago through many digital platforms. So it’s no surprise that media planning manages to break Glassdoor’s list coming in at number one for marketing careers. As a media marketing staffing firm, we’ve seen this role rise in demand for startup to fortune 500 companies seeking to maximize their advertising efforts. Glassdoor’s research indicates a substantial average of 7 percent increase over the last year! This position isn’t a new one, but it has seen substantial changes in recent years. Most of these gains are probably due to sustained demand for talent in SEM, PPC, and programmatic advertising fields, though there are still plenty of opportunities to build a career as a traditional media buyer/planner. Don’t be surprised to see more pay increases as a media planner in the future.

2. Data Analyst | Marketing & Web Analytics Recruiters

web analytics recruiters staffing

Data aptitude and analytics skills are responsible for the largest talent gap in business right now. Demand is high, and supply is lagging behind. So it’s no surprise that this job would see some of the fastest compensation increases this year.

Every sophisticated business operation collects data from a variety of sources. Market research, sales figures, internal logistics, customer information; you name it. Businesses must be able to collect, organize, clean, and interpret that data in order to make meaningful decisions. Data analysts can expect to see a rise in base pay bump of seven percentage points through 2016. According to Forbes, the job market for data analyst is growing at 27 percent annually, a rate substantially higher than the US national job growth average. As marketing and web analytics recruiters, we are constantly seeking talent solutions for businesses in need of crunching complex numbers and data into everyday plain language. Many factors are lining up to make 2016 an incredible growth year for data analysts.

3. Marketing Coordinator | Project Management and Leadership

The third marketing position on Glassdoor’s list, marketing coordinators can see a significant six percent increase in base pay this year. This role has experienced a fluctuating average pay since 2012. It’s an interesting job to try to study, since the title is fairly vague and can mean a lot of different things in different businesses. Some organizations might treat it like a project manager, while others might use it as a low-level executive. As such, there’s a lot of potential for variance. As a marketing recruitment firm, we’ve seen a higher demand for specialized skills under the umbrella of marketing coordinator such as digital marketing. As marketing has become more diverse and varied, it has become harder and harder to manage and “coordinate” all the moving parts of a successful operation. So it only makes sense that compensation levels would wide to match the rising complexity of the job.

4. Communications Manager | PR and Marcom Oversight

Last but not least is the role of communications manager earning a spot on our top 4 list. Glassdoor has reported a five percent pay increase among people with this title in 2016. The role of communications manager has a strong relationship with Public Relations and Marketing, helping to bridge the gap between the two. If you hold this job title, you have high chances of seeing employment growth as well in the years to come, projected by the US Department of Labor.

With the rising evolution of social media and the growing importance of a strong brand, you’re needed more than ever before. These media outlets will create more work for you as they try to appeal to consumers and the general public in innovative ways, you’re responsible for upholding your brand’s credibility (Public Relations) and attracting retained and prospect customers (Marketing). Our marketing communications staffing experts are still hiring for lots of high paying jobs in this role!

Glassdoor’s Methodology

We’ve explored the World Wide Web and came across Glassdoor’s reported list of “13 Jobs With the Biggest Pay Raises”, a popular job board. Don’t worry, these aren’t just made up figures, Glassdoor obtained this valuable information from the United States Department of Labor. The Bureau of Labor Statistics made an ec

The report identifies job titles with the largest increase of percentage pay raise of median base pay, not total compensation. Glassdoor has stated that the report spotlights job with the biggest pay raises from a 12 month period beginning in 2015 ending in 2016. There were requirements for the job titles that made the top 13 list. Job titles chosen must have 300 salary reports during the specified 12 month period, beginning 2015 and ending 2016. Also, the findings only list full-time employee jobs. Job titles that included the term “intern” were excluded from the selection. Glassdoor’s report takes into account job normalization that groups similar jobs titles.

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