It is much easier to land a job than to search for one. It is a long drawn process and tests one’s patience. There is a lot of pressure on you to look for a job because you and your family will depend on it. You have bills to pay and mouths to feed. So it is not surprising if you get excited make some rash decisions. We look at some techniques to find job below which you think work, but they don’t:

  1. Applying for a job where you are over/under qualified.

During a job search as we look for options that best suit us, it is natural to sometimes be fed up and frustrated at the very few positions that you find that suits you. So, as a way to make up for it, we start applying for jobs for which we over/under qualify. You might think that this will help in getting more replies, but that rarely happens.

  1. Setting the bar too high

One of the job search techniques is the expectation of hearing back from an employer about a job that you have applied to but are under qualified for. Setting unrealistic goals for your career does not help and will only dampen your spirits when they do not pan out. It is good to set high goals for yourself and there are chances that your qualifications might just be enough to land a job, but there is a difference between setting high goals and setting goals that are never achievable.

  1. Voluntarily sending out resumes

In today’s age of networking it is easy to make acquaintances with people who are familiar with a company or position that you are interested in. And people are generally nice about helping out. You might even get to know a lot about the company that you want to apply to. But it is really impolite to just them a resume without talking to them first and just dropping in a message saying “Hi! Can you check my Resume and let me know if there are any openings in your company that suit my profile?” Some people might perceive it as you trying to make the other person do your job for you.

  1. Applying for a job too fast

The last thing is applying for a job as soon as you see it. In excitement, when you see a job that you have been looking for in a company that you like, you might miss to fill up important details that might be required in the application form. It is advisable to wait and take your time to work on your Resume for a day so that it reflects those traits of yours that match the job description. A perfect application is looked at in a better light by a recruiter than a half filled one. So take your own time and approach the job with full preparation.