A critical part of fostering a productive and healthy workplace environment comes down to the type of workplace you actively create. What then, can you do as an employer to establish a workplace environment that supports employees to work to their full potential, as well as enjoy their work? Here are four items that will increase workplace productivity and satisfaction.

Create Comfortable Places to Work

If you thought that office aesthetics don’t play a role in your employee’s productivity – as well as employee satisfaction levels – think again. Workplaces that provide their employees with a variety of comfortable, quiet, and ergonomically-designed spaces to work are always amongst those rated as the best companies to work for.

Need more convincing? Consider the fact that Glassdoor found that Google, Facebook, and Bain were the best workplaces in the US – and all of them boast offices that are designed to support maximum productivity. As Business Insider explains, “To help people reach peak productivity, the best companies provide a range of rooms, nooks, and workspaces.”

It isn’t just about having a nice place to work – but also the furniture you provide. No one wants to sit in a chair all day long that will cause back and neck problems, nor work at a desk that’s too high or low. The most highly-rated workplaces know that an investment in furniture that is ergonomically designed and comfortable is a smart one.

Remember, your workers are only as good as they are healthy, so replacing uncomfortable furniture that negatively impacts their performance is a surefire way to increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Add Labels to Important Items and Places

We all know that an employee that has everything they keep in the office labeled – from their stapler to their lunch box. But while you might have thought that they’re being a tad too organized – they’re onto the right idea.

Labels can positively impact workplace productivity in a number of substantial ways. Namely, they can reduce time wasted finding particular items, as well as make moving from point A to point B far easier. With less time wasted, your employees will have more time to spend on important tasks, which will, in turn, reduce their workplace frustration.

But don’t take this as a cue to start arbitrarily labeling every item in your workplace! Remember, your workplace labels need to add, not detract from your workplace organization levels.

If you work in an office, labeling where certain office supplies are kept will allow your employees to easily pinpoint what they’re after.

Offer Free Drinks and Snacks

As the saying goes, “The best things in life are free.” This is especially true in an office setting. It’s no secret that employees love free drinks and snacks – which is precisely why so many job descriptions try to draw in employees by offering such perks as “a fridge always stocked with free beer” and “fresh fruit every day.”

Providing employees with a mix of healthy snacks and more sweet treats is a relatively inexpensive, but simple way to boost office morale. So what exactly is the allure of free food and beverages for employees? Snacking helps employees keep alert as they work, take a relatively quick but deserved break between tasks, and alleviate their boredom. And let’s not forget that they’re delicious and free!

So the question remains, how does your company kitchen stack up?

If it’s looking a bit barebones, why not surprise your employees by stocking up your pantries, fridge, and fruit bowls? Your employees are bound to appreciate the gesture, and you may just start to see a bit more pep in their step!

Provide Up to Date Equipment & Software to Help Stay Organized

If you expect your employees to produce world-class work, why aren’t you providing them with the tools to achieve this goal? Chances are, some of the equipment and software you provide your employees to work with isn’t up to par.

Perhaps the software your employees use is slow, clunky, and dare we say it – riddled with bugs. Or maybe the equipment they use is outdated, old, and maybe even not up to industry standards.

Not only are you putting your company at risk by providing subpar equipment and outdated software, you’re also making your employees job far more stressful, dangerous, and plain unenjoyable.

In addition to having the most up to date tech, make sure you’re giving your staff the best software to help them work more productively.

For example, if you oversee the sales department, you need to make sure you have the right CRM software to help your team stay organized. Whereas, if you manage a facility, your staff will benefit from having a CMMS software system, and it’ll help improve your facility’s productivity.

Do your employees a favor, no matter what industry you’re in, make an investment in quality equipment and software.

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