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It can be tempting to put your job search on the back burner until after the New Year. After all, you’ve got plenty of things to keep you busy with the holidays, and are employers even still hiring? Yes, they are. Employers hire year-round, though some times are admittedly slower than others. The holiday season should not be a reason to slam the brakes on your job search, but instead, it should be an opportunity to keep pushing ahead.

There may be less competition. If other job seekers took the “wait until after New Year’s” approach, that could mean there are fewer people vying for open positions. Others may overlook these opportunities because they’ve put a pause on their search; however, you can use this to your advantage as you keep applying and get your resume out there.

Open positions may fill more quickly. Employers may be looking to fill a variety of roles before their new budget kicks in come January. With this rush, you could see a faster turnaround with interviews and offers. Plus, they may have plans for the holidays or the office may be closed, so they want to get loose ends tied up sooner rather than later.

Seasonal jobs could become permanent. There can be pros and cons to taking seasonal positions, but if you need the money and experience, they can be a great opportunity. Furthermore, you never know when that temporary position could become permanent. Bring your best attitude and work ethic every single day and show employers why you’d be a great addition to their team for the long run. Even if they don’t have an opening now, they may keep you in mind if something opens up later on.

Take advantage of more networking opportunities. Are you headed to your spouse’s company party? A meet-up at a friend’s? Your child’s holiday concert? Start introducing yourself to others and putting out feelers. Find out what people do and if they know of any openings. While you don’t want to drill them about their job and zap any holiday spirit, it’s good to build your connections. You never know who could help you out or who you could assist.

As you’re continuing to move forward with your job search, don’t forget to keep your resume up-to-date. Add the latest sales figures or productivity statistics. Include that project you finally wrapped up, or the award you won last quarter. While you research different job openings, keep in mind keywords and phrases that you can use to tailor your resume to various roles. Taking the time to polish up your resume can allow you to be ready to apply for jobs more quickly.