lacking confidence, depression, bad things, career, job search, losing opportunities, not confidentWe’ve all had moments where we were or felt “less than” our best selves.

For some it might be a rare occurrence. For others, it may take just a minor triggering event to let loose the demons.

Of course it’s one thing to feel confidence slipping in life. It’s another thing altogether when it is lost at an especially critical time in our careers.

A job search is not a good time to lose confidence.

Your annual review is another unfortunate time.

What are the other key times you can think of?

Now one might argue that discussing “the bad things that can happen” will only add to or enhance those less than stellar feelings.

But I’d like to think that doing so will help us recognize when the slide starts and the climbing stops. For example, when we stop sleeping like a baby.

Because if we can catch a confidence slip starting, we can begin to correct our mindset. And start pounding mental vitamin c tablets (AKA confidence builders) before the bad feelings take hold.

So what are the 4 bad things that can happen when you lack confidence?

1. Your network spends less time with you.

There’s nothing worse than feeling “less than confident” while at a networking event. Except, of course, having people walk around you, away from you or exiting a conversation abruptly (your own personal Animal House moment). If you are going to take the time to head out to an event, bring your best with you. You should go big or go home (read my own story).

2. You get fewer job leads, target company introductions and event invites.

If you think that someone has a limited number of leads to offer and intros or invites to make, what are the odds they’ll offer them up to you (the less than confident you)? The odds are probably poor. The truth is that we like to talk with and network with people who seem to have it together. So you will get less than your fair share when you feel less than confident.

3. Recruiters write you off.

Less than confident equals risky. Especially for clients (hiring managers) that are over confident or are known to push candidates harder than others. Recruiters often have many choices in who to present to their clients. Are you an obvious choice on most days? Learn to lower the risk in you.

4. Hiring companies will pass on you.

The risk is even greater for the hiring company. If they miss on you or take a risk on you and don’t get it right, they may look bad in front of their management. And if they hire you and regret it, they’ve lost productivity and credibility in their company. Ever get to the final round and not get the offer? Confidence may be the key missing ingredient.

So if you feel a bit of “under the weather” feelings coming, act quickly to counteract those feelings with some positive people, people who know how great you are and, of course, your favorite career blog and career book.

I’m here for ya. :-)

Thanks Venturist for the photo via Flickr