FirmBee / Pixabay

Making sure your job posts are seen by as many job seekers as possible is Hiring 101. This means appealing to the masses of on-the-go job seekers who are using their handheld devices to look through job openings. In fact, a survey conducted by Glassdoor has found that 89 percent of job seekers use their mobile device to find future employment. What’s more, close to half of job seekers in that same survey reported using their mobile device specifically to search for jobs at least once per day. Oh yeah, and did I mention that this survey was conducted four years ago? Chances are, that percentage is even higher today.

That fact is – job search has gone mobile. Employers who are serious about attracting top talent are going to need to create a mobile-friendly experience for potential job seekers interested in applying for their companies. With that in mind, here are 3 ways to do just that:

1. Allow a “quick apply” option.

It should already be a goal of yours to make the application process as quick and effortless as possible for anyone looking to apply. Job seekers understand that there are only so many job applications that can be filled out in a day. The savvy ones are going to make the most use out of their time by quick applying to job openings that are easy to complete.

For mobile users who are forced to stare at a much smaller screen than laptops or desktops, keeping your content as short and concise as possible is even more important. After all, the average attention span of Americans is a mere 8 seconds. In order to accommodate both these things, consider having a quick apply option for your job openings. The ability to apply with a single click of a button is just so appealing to job seekers, and the way you can tell is by simply looking at the various quick apply jobs on Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter, and noticing just how many more applications they get compared to ones without the feature.

2. Make your site truly mobile-friendly.

Just because your company’s career site “works” on mobile or uses a “responsive” WordPress template, doesn’t mean your site is truly, truly optimized for mobile use. In fact, unless you’ve made active efforts to create a mobile version of your website, chances are your website look completely out of sorts on mobile. In a study by CareerBuilder that surveyed 5,518 workers, 65% of these workers who searched for jobs using a mobile device said they would leave a website if it was not mobile-optimized. Another 40% said they would “walk away with a more negative opinion of the company.”

Here’s a list of some of the most common ways to optimize your site for mobile use:

  • Use short and concise language. Mobile users are on the go and don’t have time to read long, wordy paragraphs.
  • Include clear call-to-action buttons to make it clear how to apply to your job openings.
  • Include open-text search boxes. Google User Content has said that mobile users prefer open-text search boxes that make it easier for them to navigate a website.
  • Center your content. People on laptops and PCs focus their attention on the top-left of their screens while mobile-users primarily focus on the center of theirs.
  • Speed up your site. Loading pages on mobile often takes longer to load than on laptops and desktops.

3. Utilize the power of video.

Mobile users are video fanatics, and according to ComScore, users spend 69% of their media time on smartphones. In order to attract mobile applicants, consider incorporating employment videos on your company’s career page. In marketing, everyone knows just how effective a well-done sales video is at converting leads and creating customer interest. You should have that kind of perspective here as well. In this case though, instead of marketing to your customers, you’re marketing to job seekers potentially interested in joining your company.

The funny thing is, most companies don’t approach their hiring with this sort of mindset, and only a very small percent of startups actually use video to advertise their job positions, making it a perfect chance for your business to gain a competitive edge.