Nearly every company in the world requires sales. Product, service, B2B, B2C, enterprise or startup—Sales is the lifeblood of any organization.

In fact, on average, the sales team is about 30% of the total headcount for larger companies and 40-50% for smaller companies.

The range of so selling careers that you can get into is truly limitless and every single salesperson’s path will be different.

Considering a career in sales? There is a job out there for you. Take a look at these three very, very, different careers and what skills they highlight.

Here are three of the world’s most diverse sales careers:

Food Service Representatives

Dining is a huge industry. Everyone loves to eat, and the majority of people like to dine out every now and again, whether in their home towns or while on vacation.

Food products supplying restaurants, resorts and hotels have created an entire sales industry alone.

To break into a sales career in the food services industry, experience and subject matter expertise are the key.


While a specialized degree in restaurant management or experience in the industry will put you above your competition, these are usually not an educational requirement for most entry or mid-level sales jobs. A strong work ethic, the ability to create and expand relationships and knowledge of the product line are all that is needed to succeed. A love for food helps as well.

Medical Devices Sales Careers

During your next doctor’s appointment, look around and try to count how many medical devices you pass on your walk from the waiting room to the examination room.

Think of any hospital. The number of unique devices is actually staggering. And for every device, there is a salesperson.

Similarly, The number of medical device manufacturers is enormous. Some manufacture just one specific device and others manufacture hundreds of devices. There are those who design, build and sell multi-million dollar pieces of equipment, whilst other companies focus on creating more general medical equipment, such as medical grade cotton swabs.

The role of a medical sales rep is to network with doctors, pharmacists, nurses and healthcare professionals.

They work to make sure that the health professionals have the best products to efficiently and effectively save lives.


Depending on the company, the skills required will vary drastically. Some companies require a very technical knowledge of their product. A degree in a related field would be an asset. However, with great training a salesperson with a strong drive to learn could pick up the skills necessary.

IT Sales Jobs

The IT industry is one that affords successful sales professionals a substantial income opportunity as well as job security.

Go to almost any business office, from the very small to those with a global reach and you will find at least one thing in common: computers. They are in every office, in most homes, hidden in pockets in the form of smartphones and carried in the form of tablets.


Again, a wide spectrum here depending on the company. Specific education requirements may exist but many companies have robust internal training resources.

The key to succeeding in this industry is exceptional knowledge of your product, and the ability to explain your product to the not-so technologically minded.

For those in IT sales and those considering IT as their career, having a career-long commitment to education and learning new skills is important.