When it comes to job hunting, one of the best pieces of advice you can follow is to always have many plates spinning—don’t get emotionally attached to a prospective job, and don’t get discouraged if you’re not immediately met with an offer. Lucky for you, there are plenty of companies out there that can help you land the job of your dreams. Here are three of them.

1. Planted

If you ask most recent college graduates where they’d like to work, you’ll likely have a fair number of people tell you they’re eyeing the startup world. And who can blame them? Though decidedly riskier than taking a job at a more established business, startups offer a range of perks that workers, especially millennials, crave. How, then, can you get a job offer from a hip startup?

Enter Planted, a startup—we’re getting meta here—that helps young workers find jobs at startups. To further differentiate itself from the crowded job-hunting space, Planted also partners directly with startups to build a top notch talent community, one that it hopes will grow in influence, a la LinkedIn. Planted also offers guidance to its members, ensuring that they make the right career decisions, the type of choices that will help them throughout their careers, not just in the immediate future.

2. Anthology

Even if you have a job that you like, you shouldn’t limit yourself from being open to networking opportunities. You can never tell, after all, when the job of your dreams might come knocking. So, if you enjoy what you do, but you might be open to leaving for the right circumstances, you should check out Anthology.

Formerly known as Poachable, Anthology let you search for jobs and maintain your privacy. The company doesn’t broadcast your information or resume to just anyone, something that informs its approach to the process, Anthology founder Tom Leung told Free Enterprise.

“Companies only get to see the members that we’ve identified as the potential matches for what they’re looking for—what we call a two-way match,” he explained. “That means that the job meets the member’s requirements, and the member meets the company’s requirements. Furthermore, the member has confirmed they are open to learning more about that specific company.”

3. Employer Roadmap

Employer Roadmap is specifically geared toward the veterans and military spouses out there. Developed by Hiring Our Heroes and USAA, Employer Roadmap was designed to allow these groups of people overcome many of the problems and hurdles they face while looking for a job.

As we’ve reported, it does this through a multi-part strategy: “Employer Roadmap … offers support and guidance for businesses that want to hire veterans but aren’t yet prepared to do so; businesses that are ready to recruit but need help reaching veterans; and businesses that want to empower other companies to hire more military veterans.”