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As a fellow creative, you know that, collectively, we can be a finicky bunch. While we admittedly get a bad rap when it comes to work habits, it can be difficult to find an entire group of creative individuals who work well together—both effectively and efficiently.This isn’t to say that recruiting a reliable, talented creative team is impossible. It just takes some extra time. To help, we’ve compiled three simple tips on attracting the best agency talent.

1. Do your due diligence.

These days, thanks to certain factors (ahem…the Internet), the talent pool has never been more competitive—for recruiters and candidates alike. However, it’s still possible to draw in the best talent, while still saving you the hassle of hiring a headhunter.

It all starts at the beginning. Write a powerful, detailed job description that outlines exact requirements and characteristics of your ideal employee. To do this, it’s recommended to assemble your team to develop a list of key behaviors and skill sets for the position. List out between five and 10 key questions you will use to screen resumes and phone calls.

Sure, this preparatory process is time-consuming. But trust us—it’ll help you discover the best candidates.

2. Tap into your established networks.

Let’s face it. Sometimes, the creative industry seems like one gigantic web of interconnected talent. In the era of social networking, it seems like someone always has a “super talented friend who’s conveniently looking for new work.” And often, word-of-mouth hires tend to be the best hires.

Leverage your own internal networks and ask around your agency before you post to third-party job platforms. If your agency has them, be sure to publicize incentivized employee-referral programs.

3. Show candidates that you truly care.

Whether you’re a well-known, international agency or a tiny startup, chances are, your candidate most likely doesn’t share the same elevated views of your brand. That’s why every step of the hiring process should make candidates feel valued.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring a senior level copywriter or an art director’s intern—great candidates need to feel special. From the get-go, it’s important to maintain frequent contact with interested candidates. Many candidates aren’t willing to sit around for months without a reply. Don’t let preferred candidates slip through the cracks. Nurture the relationship and keep the lines of communication open.

Once you get around to interviews, pay close attention to your agency’s process. First and foremost, it’s important to keep your candidates engaged. At this point, your candidates should have a clear, concise vision of what the position entails. As mentioned above, your questions at this point should therefore focus on determining whether or not prospective candidates are a cultural fit.

Be prepared to move forward between interviews. The best candidates are ultimately entertaining multiple offers. Making them wait too long may influence them to pick a competitor.

People pay close attention to the little things—such as professionalism and response times. Let them know that you’re just as invested in them as they are in you.