Hiring an intern may the best decision you make this year. Done right, you can gain and give big value. You can also build immediate momentum in your business.

If the thought to hire an intern crossed your mind recently, this post is your wake up call. Stop thinking about doing it and actually do it.


Of course, I am speaking from experience. I waited longer than I should have to make the move but did so last week. And with only a week under my belt, my decision is paying off big time.

Here are three reasons to hire an intern right now:

It forces you to get organized

You could say, of course, that this isn’t an issue for you. That you are the ultimate in organized already. But I doubt that.

The second I knew that my intern would be coming on board, I excitedly began to organize my thoughts around how she could help me achieve some new goals. So I had to think about what those goals were (or at least confirm them). I also loved the natural accountability that comes with hiring an intern (or anyone else who will be working closely with you).

For example if you start to mentor someone, it forces you to be better as well. There’s a new responsibility to be better when someone else is there to learn from you.

It’s fun to share your knowledge and experience with someone new

Here’s where you get to rediscover your work and your passion for it. The act of describing what you do to someone new is pretty motivating. It allows you to think with “an aspiration mindset”. As you talk, you hear the future of your business unfolding.

Now you might say: ”

“Aren’t internships only three months? What possible impact could someone have in that short of a time?”

Honestly, I don’t think “time” is the factor here. If you see the opportunity in front of you, there is a lot of potential to take the energy you feel and project out, and allow it to propel your business forward.

It helps you prioritize the work

There are a lot of tasks on our plates every week. But having an intern allows you to think bigger.

“What can two people do instead of one?”

I found that my task list today is longer, farther-reaching and more aligned with my long-term goals than ever before. I am able to share the load with another person who is motivated, excited to learn and smarter than me in a number of key areas.

“Yes, smarter than me.”

So knowing that I have the help and realizing that it may not be here forever, there is a sense of urgency to do great things sooner and to focus her time on driving key growth initiatives.

“Instead of hiring an intern to do boring admin work.”

Any questions on how I found her, why I am paying her or how to get started?

Let me know!