Were you invited to Google Plus yet? With all of the buzz surrounding Google’s new social network in the past few weeks, it’s no wonder that recruiters and HR professionals are already thinking about how it will help them hire new employees and recruit potential candidates. Many are even going so far as to say Google Plus is a “game-changer” because of its unique features and dramatically fast growth.

How will it make hiring and recruiting easier? Here are a few ways:

Organizing your contacts

Facebook has been criticized for its lack of organization. While the team over there attempted to make it easier for users by developing “lists,” only about five percent (perhaps less) of users actually took the time to create lists and organize their contacts with the feature. So, most folks just lump everyone into the same category, “friends,” even though the people they’re connected to on it are not all friends, but include family members, colleagues, classmates, co-workers, professional connections and more.

With Google Plus, you can organize contacts into “Circles,” or different groups of contacts, quickly and easily by dragging names into separate circles or checking the name of the circle you’d like to add the person to. This is helpful to distinguish current employees, past employees, prospective candidates, and more during your hiring and recruiting efforts. It’s also a vital way to share information with the right people – instead of overloading all of your contacts with content you find valuable that’s meant for a specific group of people.

Hangouts and video conferencing

Although I’ve always touted the value a video interview can hold if you’re trying to interview someone across the country (or the world), many organizations are still hesitant to set up these video chats because of the complexity or technical issues that may arise. With Google Plus, all you need to do is click the button that says, “Start a hangout,” and you can start video chatting with any of your Google Plus contacts. You can also instant message within the chat, show a YouTube video, or invite additional people into the hangout. Pretty cool, right?

Ability to search millions of profiles

Google is still a search engine, first and foremost. Although the search features of Google Plus are limited right now, many Google fanatics are speculating that the features will get better as the platform evolves. In the meantime, recruiters and HR folks can use FindPeopleonPlus.com to search for specific individuals by profession, name or location.

What other features of Google Plus do you think will make recruiting and hiring easier? Do you currently see any drawbacks to using Google Plus for these purposes?