Recruiting a new team member to your business is time-consuming, from creating eye-catching job advertisements to reading countless CVs and arranging multi-stage interviews. Although you may want to breathe a sigh of relief once your perfect candidate has accepted your job offer, unfortunately, the hard work does not stop there. There are many tasks that need to be undertaken between the steps of making that job offer to settling your new hire into your business and having them get to work.

But, don’t despair. There are plenty of tools to help you speed up your onboarding process and get it right for both your new hire and the business. Let’s take a closer look.

Top Ways to Significantly Boost Your Onboarding Process

Maybe you are still relying on manual processes, paper forms, and complicated workflows to carry out your onboarding activities. If this is the case, you will likely find that the process is not only laborious and time-consuming but ineffective and messy too. A few smart interventions can make all the difference in streamlining your onboarding tasks.

For example, onboarding is a key human resources (HR) process to automate. You can quickly create easy-to-follow work streams, meaning that completion of one task automatically triggers the beginning of the next. This method is ideal in the onboarding process that involves numerous individuals across departments. Blockages are less likely to appear in the process, virtually eliminating a task being ‘stuck’ due to a problem or waiting in somebody’s in-tray to be completed.

Replacing paper documents and emails with personalized template forms and documents is also a great way to mitigate a scattergun approach and ensure all important information is captured at the right time and in the correct format. A paperless HR process can offer time savings and error reduction.

Requests for IT equipment, software licenses, and business cards can be transformed from mundane, time-consuming information exchanges to automatic alerts sent to the relevant provider.

What benefits can I expect to see by automating my onboarding processes?

HR challenges in Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) do exist, and implementing software to speed up and streamline your onboarding activities does not provide a business case in itself. It is therefore essential that you can quantify tangible benefits for your organization. Here are some of the most common benefits users of automated onboarding have found:

A positive impact on your bottom line

Let’s face it: this is the key measurable that business stakeholders are hoping to see. Investing in automated onboarding processes can save your organization money. The main way that it can do so is by reducing employee turnover rate and the numerous costs associated with it. Creating a positive onboarding experience allows employees to feel like a valued and welcomed part of the business. They are much more likely to maintain a high morale while feeling positive and motivated about their role in the company. Furthermore, employees are much less likely to leave the business that has invested in their development and values them, thus saving future spending on recruitment costs.

Watch your employees’ performance improve

An un-coordinated onboarding process results in a new hire who, despite having potential for energy and enthusiasm for their new role, feels deflated and confused about his or her duties. If you start your new hires on the right foot by presenting them with a well-planned and smooth onboarding process, they are much more likely to understand the expectations of the business from the start. It is important to ensure your employees have the tools, knowledge, and motivation to work hard and effectively.

Create an environment of mutual trust and employee engagement

A good onboarding process supports your new hire to quickly and effectively understand their new role. If done right, it is also the perfect way to introduce them to the broader organizational culture, mission, and goals. By doing this early on, you can quickly get your new employee on board with the direction the business is taking, allowing them to contribute to the company’s growth and success.

What’s stopping you from supercharging your onboarding process?

With all the benefits it can offer you, adding automation can be a savvy investment to improve the onboarding activities of your business. Choose a provider that offers you a free demo so that you can visualize how your existing processes could seamlessly transition to automated ones.