For the second consecutive year, over 50% of IT professionals secured a significant pay raise in the past 12 months. 28% of these increases were greater than 15% a slight 4% decline over 2016, according to the recent 2017 Hiring Trends report released by CultureFit staffing based out of Deerfield, IL. This trend, in conjunction with an anticipated hiring gap that continues hovers around 40% according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, provides immense negotiating power to those tech professionals that have acquired specialized skill sets in categories such as big data, security and encryption – where companies are finding it especially difficult to acquire qualified talent.

CultureFit Technology Staffing, a Chicago area IT staffing and placement firm, recently completed their third national survey of nearly 200 IT professional throughout the Greater Chicagoland and Milwaukee areas. Although the shortages in available talent provide a compensation advantage for IT professionals, the survey also showed, by a wide margin, “career advancement” was a much stronger motivator when making a switch by almost 15% over compensation. According to Eric Edelsberg, staffing director and principal of CultureFit, “This presents a strategic hiring opportunity for most companies. It’s not uncommon for IT professionals to value career advancement over compensation.” He further added, “The best formula is to be both strategic and flexible, loosening criteria will open the doors to qualified candidates willing to work harder to meet expectations in order to achieve their own personal goals. We make it a point to find out before the negotiation stage, what the priorities are for each candidate.”

Responses also show this highly-motivated group takes nothing for granted with nearly 44% indicating they’ve secured a specialized certificate to gain an even greater advantage on their next career move.

CultureFit’s 2017 Hiring Trends report includes additional insights from recently released reports from the ComputerWorld’s Tech Forecast, and Payscale Human Capital to provide the most comprehensive understanding of hiring trends, for hiring companies, as well as future candidates.

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