Only 2 more months until the end of the year and we all know how quickly they’ll fly by. However, before gearing up for the New Year it’s important to reflect back over 2014. This is not one of those “New Year Resolutions” posts. It’s more about the incredible changes HR has seen in 2014 which will result in 2015 being a leap for HR rather than a jump. Consider the following figures:

The world isn’t changing, it’s already changed. And the impact that 2014 had on HR can be summarized into 3 simple yet very deep points.

Mainstreaming Social Media

Social media and HR is no longer a new concept. In fact, according to Forbes 2013 and 2014 were:

So for all we know, 2015 could be “Forget About Social HR, it’s All about Big Data”. Basically, if you’re still sitting there and scratching your head about whether to incorporate Social HR into your business you’re already a couple years behind in the game. But don’t let that stop you – it’s never too late to learn or start something new.

Looking Beyond The Millennial’s Requirements

Out with the old, in with the new. That’s what happened in 2014 where everyone was talking about the millennials taking over the workplace, 30 under 30’s and even 20 under 20’s – the youngest CEO’s changing our world today. Millennials have already taken the workforce by storm and in 2015 we should move beyond the “How to Motivate and Retain Millennials” discussion. What the next focus will be is one conversation I wouldn’t want to place a bet on. It could be which tech companies to provide employees discounts too rather than the BYOD debate but we’ll have to see what changes technology and the world brings to our doorsteps.

Accepting That Managers Can Be Leaders And Vice Versa

I really do wish they’d come up with an HR dictionary where new terms add and remove new terms on a daily basis. Just like any language, HR evolves and matures over the years. A few years back all you’d find online is “How to Leader, Not a Manager.” Now it’s about “Why Managers and Leaders are the same”. In cultures where management has matured, there’s no reason to have the old leaders vs managers debate. Of course it may not be the case in Frontier Markets, but I’m betting by the end of the year as seniors and baby boomers make way for Gen X, Y, and Millennials we’ll see managers and leaders be one and the same in 2015.

So what can you do to do get HR ready for 2015?

Move beyond being intimated by a fast changing world and adapt, adapt, adapt!