Finding the best job candidates for your company means making sure job candidates can find you and your job postings first – after all, how are you supposed to have a strong applicant pool if talented workers aren’t even aware you’re hiring? This means you have to make your job postings discoverable, so that job seekers can become your candidates and get started with the hiring process as quickly as possible. And, much like anything else, there are right ways to make your job listings easier to find. Talent Culture recently reviewed some methods to help improve this, which we recapped and expanded on below.

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1. Make Your Postings with Keywords in Mind

Creating SEO-styled job postings is the difference between your future candidate finding you on page one of Google and not finding you at all.

How do you do this? Start by putting yourself in the shoes of your job seekers. They’re sitting down and opening a fresh Google page to look for a job posting. What are they typing in? What phrases, job descriptions, and skills are they using to help formulate a search that will help Google come back with job postings that fit their needs?

Understanding what your candidates are searching for specifically, and then using those phrases/descriptions in your own job postings, helps makes your listings easier for your candidates to find and apply.

Make it Easier: Rather than come up with these descriptive words and phrases yourself, go directly to the sources within your own organization. Consider some of the things you test for in your assessment process – certain job skills, personality traits, experiences – and use those in your job postings. An even more effective solution is to talk to your current employees. Ask them how they would describe the job they do, and some of the key phrases and words they would use to help someone understand their position quickly and effectively. Those are likely to be the same words and phrases your job seekers are using to seek you out.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media

Everyone is on social media. That’s almost a completely literal statement. In fact, it’s estimated that by the end of this year that one third of the world’s population will be on some sort of social media platform.

So it’s fair to say that your candidates are more than likely using social media too.

Being actively recruiting on social media isn’t just a bonus of platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook – it’s a must in order to identify, target, and recruit top candidates. Tweeting out job postings, a link to a benefits or “why work here” type of page, or a video of a job are great drivers for recruiting and discoverability (improving you SEO). And remember that the more active you are, the more responses you’ll get.

Make it Easier: Remember that social media is, first and foremost, social. Don’t treat your tweets like you’re handing out business cards, it’s also important to engage with job seekers who send you a message on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter. Engagement is critical to making a job seeker feel like they’re wanted by a company, and will encourage them to apply that much more.