If you’re like 90 percent of recruiters and hiring managers surveyed by Reppler, you’ve already visited candidates’ social media profiles as part of your screening process. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the top three social networks used for social media recruiting, but there’s another social network you could use to find and vet talent: Quora.

Simply put, Quora is a question-and-answer website. Users can ask questions about anything, and they have control over the answers by being able to rank answers and use “points” to “promote a question” and encourage more discussion.

With a platform so robust in conversation and opinionated commentary, Quora could be a useful tool for recruiting and hiring. Here’s why:

Users Could Be Talking About Your Company

Aren’t you just a little curious about what they have to say? You may even be more interested in what they have to say about working for your company and your hiring process. Some of the answers may mirror the “reviews” you could read on sites like Glassdoor, but Quora gives users the opportunity to ask specific questions and solicit more detailed answers. In the following examples, users ask what it’s like to work at certain companies and they get some fairly in-depth responses as a result:

Checking out the answers from time to time could give you some new insight into your culture, hiring process or feedback you may not have considered.

Gauge a Potential Hire’s Interest in Your Company

You can also use Quora to dig up some information on a candidate’s knowledge and how she presents herself in a professional social setting. For Elizabeth Knopf, Quora actually helped her land a job. In preparing for an interview, she posted a question to Quora asking about the biggest challenges for the hiring company. The hiring manager came across her question on Quora and asked the same one during the interview. She got the job.

If we had to guess, we think the interviewer and hiring company were impressed with Knopf’s initiative and thoughtful questions. But while Quora can be used when considering potential candidates, Ariel Seidman warns against confusing knowledge, which is something that can be demonstrated on Quora, with execution.

“You can determine if somebody is thoughtful and knowledgeable, but what Quora cannot help you determine is whether that person actually gets stuff done—big difference.”

Have you ever used Quora to find qualified job candidates? Would you? If you decide to add this tool to your social recruiting toolbox, let us know how it’s working in the comments below!