What is an employer to do? Doing nothing is no longer an option. Read my 16 workplace predictions for 2016 and make those changes necessary to ensure you retain the talent you are working so hard to obtain.

  1. Companies will continue to blame Millennials for employee churn, when in fact age has nothing to do with why employee turnover is on the rise.
  2. Organizations will invest more in watering the office plants than they will in nurturing and growing talent.
  3. Employees will continue to turn a deaf ear to corporate speak and will remain disengaged until leaders stop talking profits and start talking purpose.
  4. More workers will flee their employers as the economy continues to prosper.
  5. Magnetic leaders will have no problems attracting talent.
  6. There will be more part-time jobs as companies do whatever it takes to fill vacancies with the right people.
  7. Baby Boomers will not retire in droves, as they continue to remain fit for duty. Companies will need to adjust their succession plans accordingly.
  8. Those that invest in the development of their people will significantly out perform those who don’t. What are you waiting for? Start investing.
  9. Employees will continue to reject those organizations where success is measured based on face time and not results.
  10. Starting salaries will rise, as more companies will be pulling from a smaller talent pool that is in hot demand.
  11. Companies will toss out college degree requirements in favor of hiring those with potential and a proven track record.
  12. Annual performance reviews will be tossed in the trash as companies move towards real-time continuous feedback.
  13. Disappointed workers will continue to flood sites like Glassdoor to tell their truth to those who will listen.
  14. Wearables in the workplace will create havoc as organizations struggle with the right to bear a computer on one’s body and the right for workplace privacy.
  15. Employee engagement will be buried once and for all and will be replaced by a movement called Talent Magnetism.
  16. Leaders will have to reapply for their jobs every two years. Their subordinates will decide whether or not they retain their post.