Employees are the most important assets of any company. No matter how much income they might be receiving, their morale and productivity can get really low over time if their needs are not taken care of. Productivity is all about staying happy and relaxed. And if your employees aren’t happy and relaxed, they might not only start showing low productivity but may also consider quitting in the long run.

Therefore, keeping your employees happy should be the ultimate goal to achieve maximum productivity. So, whether you are struggling to keep IT staffing levels optimum or you are experiencing lessened collaboration between the employees, you can solve these problems by following these 12 tips to boost employee morale.

1: Let Go of Emails

Although it may not seem like it, email can be highly stressful for the employee. Opening every other email and bracing oneself to respond to it while sitting at the same place can stress your employees out. A creative way out of this stressful situation can be to deliver the message to the employee in person. It can strengthen your relationship and make your employees feel valued and relieved.

2: Flexible Working Hours is the Key

Allowing your employees a little flexibility can do no harm. If your employee wants to leave early occasionally, it can be a good idea to let them go. It will give them an incentive to be productive. Allowing your employees to sometimes work from home can also prove to be very productive in the long run.

3: Feedback Can Be surprisingly Productive

Who says that employees shouldn’t be allowed to have an opinion on the company’s issues? In fact, no idea can be better than this. While your company’s best brains may be struggling to get new ideas, your employees may have an excellent one in their minds. So, it is a good idea to ask for feedback from your employees because it can solve your problems and boost your employees’ morale.

4: Make Lunch Breaks Count

Most of the employees don’t take lunch breaks because they fear they may not be able to complete the assigned work in time. It is always a good idea to encourage your employees to take lunch breaks, go on a walk or dine out to breathe in some fresh air. Sitting in the office for 8-9 hours can stress them out. They will experience a change in the environment with lunch breaks.

5: Don’t be afraid of Increasing Vacation Days

Although this may sound counter-productive, it can boost employee’s productivity in a significant way. Employees may find their vacation days too less to actually go on a vacation. By increasing the number of vacation days, your employees can leave for vacation without any tension, release their stress and come back with a newfound motivation to do work.

6: Build a Relationship With Your Employee

Being professional does not mean that you have to distance yourself from the employees. Besides work, you can also ask them about their day and personal life since they are spending a significant amount of time in the workplace. It can make them feel less alienated and important. They are likely to work more sincerely and passionately if you habitually engage in conversations with them.

7: Offer Them Training & Professional Development Courses

Your responsibility does not only entail hiring your employees but also investing in their training. Why is it important for you? Because it can help you in generating a more competitive workforce in the long run. Not only will it strengthen your company’s profile but it will also boost your employee’s self-esteem.

8: Make Them Feel Special on Their Birthdays

Give your employees a day off on their birthdays to make them feel valued. Birthdays come only once a year and every person has certain plans. Be generous and your employees will remember this generosity and give back to you by being more productive.

9: Make their Achievements Count

Whenever your employee achieves a certain goal, celebrate it. It makes them realize that their efforts are not going unnoticed and it will keep them committed to your company. Never forget to give your employees a pat on the shoulder and make them feel appreciated.

10: Keep the Promotion Rrails Plain and Simple

Be clear about the steps your employee has to follow to get a promotion. Do remind them every now and then about these steps to make them work keeping the goal in mind. It is sure to boost their productivity and morale at the same time.

11: Offer Them Bonuses Every Now and Then

Offering your employees bonuses every now and then can skyrocket their morale and performance. It can make them feel recognized and taken care of. Even if the bonus is not a hefty sum, it can boost their self-confidence and productivity significantly.

12: Subsidies and Sponsored Programs Can Go a Long Way

You can also make your employees feel valued if you provide some basic services like a gym membership, daycare, and lunch free of cost. Similarly, if your company has partnerships with other companies, offer them free vouchers and discounts to make them feel special.

Be sure to employ these 12 tips to keep your employees happy and dedicated to the company. It is sure to boost your company’s profile while taking your employee’s morale to new heights.