The top states for telecommuting jobs

When you think of a telecommuting job, what comes to mind? Happily working from home (perhaps in your yoga pants or a pair of shorts), customizing your own schedule based on the day’s demands, right? And you wouldn’t be wrong, since many telecommuting jobs do offer amazing work-life balance.

But not all states are as flexible as others. FlexJobs analyzed over 40,000 companies in its database to determine its list of the “Top 10 States with the Most Telecommuting Jobs in 2015.” These states had companies that hired the most state-based telecommuters in 2015.

What’s interesting to note is that many telecommuting jobs are location-specific, meaning that you need to live in the same state or even near the company’s offices.

In fact, FlexJobs found that a staggering 95 percent of telecommuting jobs have some type of location requirement. This could be because employers might want their employees to come in on occasion for in-person meetings, or to be close to clients. The company might even want all of its workers to live (and work) in the same time zone, or tax laws might require employees to reside in the same state in which they work.

Are you eager to find out which are the top telecommuting states (and if you currently live in one that made the list)? Without further ado, here they are, along with companies that have hired or are currently hiring for telecommuting jobs in that specific state:

  1. California: SAP, Groupon, and VMware have recruited telecommuters in California
  2. Texas: UnitedHealth Group, Ford Motor Company, and JP Morgan have recruited telecommuters in Texas
  3. New York: Salesforce, Teradata, and Kaplan
  4. Florida: Aetna, Sodexo, and Achieve Test Prep
  5. Illinois: Xerox, McKesson Corporation, and Cisco
  6. Pennsylvania: Cigna, IBM, and Thermo Fisher Scientific
  7. Georgia: Hartford Financial Services Group, Fiserv, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  8. North Carolina: Wells Fargo, Red Hat, and Hilton Worldwide
  9. Virginia: Amazon, Nielsen, and Anthem, Inc.
  10. Massachusetts: Dell, McKinsey & Company, and CVS Health

So let’s say you’re not residing in one of the top states for telecommuting. Are you doomed to spend a lifetime trudging to and from an office, while your more location-lucky friends get to work from home—or even the beach?

Not at all. If you’re looking for a job that allows you to work from anywhere, follow these flexible tips!

1. Use niche boards.

If you need a very specific type of job, it makes sense that you would use a niche job board. After all, if you’re utilizing a generic job board, you might have a much harder time trying to find jobs that fit in with your professional and personal needs.

And here’s a tip: search for jobs that can be done from anywhere, particularly if you’re in a state that isn’t as flex-friendly as it should be!

2. Consider a (career) change.

While there are flexible jobs in virtually every field, some industries are more conducive to flexible work than others.

Look to see which career fields are hiring for flexible work—you might want to consider a career change, particularly if your own profession lacks the flexibility that you really want and need.

3. Be flexible.

You’ve made up your mind: you want a full-time telecommuting job as a social media manager. Thing is, you’ve only found part-time and freelance gigs instead. That’s when you yourself need to become flexible.

Maybe instead of pursuing a full-time job only, you could apply for part-time positions or even contract work to help equal the income that a full-time job would give you. Sometimes, just getting your foot in the door at a company means that you’ll have a better chance of getting hired for the flexible schedule job that you want in the future.

Even if you don’t reside in one of the top 10 states with the most telecommuting jobs, you should still find a flexible job if you really want one! As more people in every state begin to work remotely, companies will hopefully follow suit. You never know—you might find your own state makes the FlexJobs list next year!

Readers, do you live in one of the top states for telecommuting jobs? Would you move to one of these states for a telecommuting job? Share your thoughts with us!

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