Many people I speak to feel stuck in their current jobs and the reason is often because it’s simply not the right fit for them. We often talk here about corporate culture and how important it is to match your brand to your employer. Despite a still high national unemployment rate, workers are constantly looking for their next move. 35% of workers are already preparing for their next job after two weeks in, reports CareerBuilder. Staying in the wrong job can be detrimental to your career because you have a bad attitude, are less productive and your unhappiness can negatively impact your social life.

Here are ten signs that you’re in the wrong job:

1. You complain about your job to everyone.

You’re in the wrong job if you’re so frustrated that you tell people about your negative experiences. You find yourself telling your friends that you dislike your co-workers or are doing meaningless work.

2. You view your job as a chore.

If you don’t have fun at work, you end up seeing work as a chore that you have to do, like cleaning the dishes or doing laundry. People only do chores because they have to, and if you only go to work because you have to then it may be time to look at different career options. Over time if you keep doing a job you don’t like, you will end up having a bad attitude and losing your job.

3. You could never get paid enough to enjoy your job.

When you feel like you would be unhappy regardless of your salary, then it’s a sign that you need to look elsewhere. Happy employees will work longer hours, get along with co-workers better and push for a higher salary and more responsibilities.

4. You find yourself watching the clock during office hours.

If you are constantly procrastinating and not focusing on your work, that’s a bad sign. I know a lot of friends who will just stay on Facebook or text their friends all day instead of doing work. Although they may eventually find time to accomplish tasks, it takes them a lot longer because of the distractions. Employees who love what they do aren’t easily distracted.

5. You never go above and beyond your job description.

If you aren’t pushing yourself to take on additional responsibilities, then you probably don’t really care about your job or your company. Employees who love their job will ask for more and more responsibilities, pay increases and promotions. If you don’t do that, then you know that you’re just there for a paycheck.

6. You avoid all corporate activities.

If there’s a group barbeque, a team building activity or a team sports team and you avoid them all, then it’s a sign that you hate your job. Employees who participate in outside activities involving co-workers typically enjoy work more and are more engaged.

7. You’re already searching for other jobs.

If you find yourself going on LinkedIn or at work or even outside of work, then you know you need to make a change. Employees that love their jobs might be open to new opportunities, but aren’t actively searching for them.

8. You don’t recommend your company to anyone.

Happy workers will recommend their companies to their friends, families and acquaintances. If you’re enthusiastic about your job and company, you will naturally want to talk about it and recruit others to share in the same experience.

9. You’re not learning anything and feel stuck.

I see a lot of people who aren’t challenged or just aren’t pushing themselves at work. They end up getting stuck and wanting to leave their position.

10. You’re ashamed of your job.

If you’re embarrassed about your job, then you end up not wanting to talk about it. It’s a bad situation to be in because the people that surround you will sense that something is wrong when you avoid work related questions.

What are other signs that it may be time to find another job that you’ve noticed, either in yourself or coworkers?

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