In order for us to function to the best of our ability at work each day, we need three things; food, water and sleep.

Water is the easiest of the three to keep on top of, as there are very few jobs that won’t let you have a bottle of water. Food is also, for the most part, achievable with the average nine to five job perfectly suited for our three meals per day.

Realistically, sleep should also be very achievable, with seemingly plenty of time for us to get our recommended eight hours rest each night.

However, as many of us know only too well, the promised land of eight hours sleep is often a long way from our grasp.

Whether it’s down to work stress, caring for our young children or unruly neighbours, many of us wake up each morning feeling far from refreshed.

So how do we get that extra boost of energy when we can’t get the recommended sleep? Some of us like to stock up on coffee or energy drinks while others like to squeeze in a quick nap.

In the past, napping has been associated with being lazy rather than a source of energy. However, this post from Time Magazine explains that recent studies have shown napping can actually be very beneficial to our brain functions and concentration.

Largely in western countries, napping is still frowned upon. This is not the case everywhere though. Take Japan for example, where staff are actively encouraged to nap. Read more in this piece from the Guardian on Japanese office culture.

However, the culture of napping is slowly being accepted by some workforces in the west. Marketing software giants HubSpot are a great example, who installed a nap room in their office which even includes a hammock! Take a look at some pictures of the nap room on GlassDoor.

So, if allowing your employees to take naps works for lots successful businesses like HubSpot, perhaps it could work for yours too. To fully explain all the benefits of napping have put together this excellent infographic.

The infographic lists all the benefits of allowing your employees to nap, from boosting their creativity, to making your company more attractive to potential employees. Take a look at the infographic below for more info on these benefits plus plenty more.