InterviewScreenRing. Ring. You get a call from a recruiter. You have been waiting for this one! You are a candidate who is actively seeking a new role. It has been awhile since you have taken a call from a recruiter. After all, you have been at the same company for 10 years. You don’t know the rules anymore. You don’t have any idea what they are going to ask.

Is this you? Don’t panic. What the recruiter is doing is screening you. They need to know some basic things about you. Realize they don’t have a ton of time to talk, so they just want to get to know if you are a fit for the role they are calling about.

I know that as a candidate, the recruitment process can be frustrating. How? I have been one. It is frustrating, long, and the end result can be very disappointing. I have learned over the years, it is best to be honest about what you want. It is important not to waste each other’s time.

The things they are going to ask in the screen are very simple. You can count some (if not all of these) 95% of the time. Have your answers ready. Once you get past this, the interview process starts.

1. Are You Working Right Now? It WILL get asked. It is a simple answer. Yes or no. Just be honest. If you are doing consulting work, that is okay also. Just tell recruiter what you are working on right now.

2. What Kinds of Positions Are You Interested In? This is a trick question. If you applied for a certain role, you need to answer the question accordingly. Don’t compromise though. If you want to be a manager, tell them that. If the role isn’t for a manager, you may not get a call back. Apply to roles that interest you and you are qualified to do.

3. What Happened at Your Last Company? This is your moment. Know your story. If you got laid off, it is okay. It happens. Tell them that. If you quit, give them a good reason. If you were fired, well, spin your answer a bit. Things happen.

4. How Much Money Do You Want/ Need? What is your bottom line? Know it. Don’t compromise, and don’t be afraid to tell. It is always good to ask “what is in the budget”. Be prepared when recruiters ask you what you made at your last role. If you want more, then be able to explain why you are worth more.

5. What Is Your Timeframe? Recruiters need to know. Are you interviewing? Are you available in 2 weeks? Do you have some graduate classes to take? Are you going on vacation? Most recruiters will need you right away. If you have your resume out there, then be prepared to go to work.

6. Are You Willing To Relocate? Yes or no. Only you know the answer to that question. Don’t be afraid to say No.

7. What Hours Are You Able to Work? Some jobs are 40 hours a week. Some are 20 hours a week. Some will require weekends and nights. What are You willing and ABLE to work?

8. Are You Willing To Travel and if So how Much? Are you a road warrior or are you not? You should know this answer.

9. What Do You Know About Our Company? HUGE question. Do your research. Know what the company does. Know what their financials look like. Know what products they are offering.

10. Do You Want to Work in a Remote Office or On-site? More and more people are working virtual these days. What are you willing to do?

You probably could have guessed most of these questions. Before you send out your resume, know these answers inside and out because if you get contacted, they will get asked.

What other questions have you had in a screening interview?