10 Questions to Help You Decide: Is This the Right Job for Me?Job interviews are more than just a test to see if you’re the right candidate. They’re also a test to see if the company is a good fit for you. Sometimes, a great job opportunity just isn’t right for you.

How can you determine whether a job is right for you? Towards the end of the interview, you’ll have the chance to ask the interviewer questions. Use this opportunity to ask these 10 important questions. You may just find out that the position isn’t as perfect as you thought it would be.

1. What Does the Top Performer on Your Team Do Differently?

Asking about the team’s top performer will help you get a better understanding of what accomplishments and skills you will need to be a team leader. Pay close attention to the interviewer’s answer to this question. Perhaps you already have the skills and accomplishments, or maybe the expectations are far above and beyond what you expected.

2. Describe Your Management Style

The answer to this question will help you determine whether you’d get along well with management. How closely will management be watching you? Can you adapt to his or her management style? If the manager’s communication style clashes with your personality, the job may not be a good fit for you.

3. Tell Me about Your Team’s Recent Accomplishments.

Asking about the team’s recent accomplishments will give the manager an opportunity to brag, which can help you get on his or her good side. But it also gives you some insight into what it takes to make a positive impression on management.

4. What’s the Biggest Challenge this Position Faces?

When deciding whether a job is right for you, it helps to have an understanding of the challenges you’ll face a daily basis. The answer to this question will help you determine what your work load will be, or if you’ll need to expand your skill set to do the job properly.

5. What’s the Biggest Challenge You’re Facing Right Now?

Understanding the challenges the team is facing right now, you can better determine whether your experience and skills will add value to the company. If you are able to help the team solve its biggest issues, you can prove yourself to be invaluable and hopefully, gain recognition. You may also determine that you have little value to bring to the table, and the challenges are far too great to make the opportunity worthwhile.

6. What are the Key Most Important Things You’re Looking for in a Candidate?

The interviewer’s answer will give you an idea of what qualities and skills the company is looking for. Use this opportunity to demonstrate your proficiencies in the manager’s criteria, and take note of what will be expected of you. Perhaps the manager is looking for a candidate who is outspoken and is comfortable in a leadership position. If you’re soft-spoken and prefer to work as part of a team, the position may not be right for you.

7. If I Were Offered the Job, Would I Be Expected to Travel?

Some positions require frequent travel, which isn’t for everyone. If you prefer a traditional office environment, a position that requires you to travel half-way across the country every other month may not be a good fit. Asking this question will help you get a better understanding of what you’re getting into.

8. Would It Be Possible to See Examples of the Team’s Work?

The best way to determine whether you will enjoy the work is to see an example firsthand. Examples can also give you confidence that you’ll be able to meet or exceed management’s expectations.

9. Would it Be Possible to Meet Other Team Members?

Co-workers play a major role in whether or not you enjoy going to work every day – especially if you’re working in a team environment. Meeting your potential team members will help you gauge whether you’ll feel comfortable working with them and if you’ll get along well.

10. Describe a Typical Work Week Here

Having an understanding of what a typical work week looks like will help you decide whether you’ll enjoy working there. If you find that most of your days will be spent closed up inside of an office, drudging away at paperwork, the job may not be right for you if you prefer to work in a team environment.

Finding a job is hard enough. Finding the right job is an even bigger challenge. While no work environment is perfect, these questions will help you decide whether the position will bring you satisfaction and if you’ll look forward to seeing your co-workers every day.

If you find that the answers don’t meet your expectations, don’t be afraid to turn a job offer down. Unless it’s a matter of urgency, it’s better to hold off and accept an offer from an employer you know you’ll enjoy working for.