Want the right person for the job? Then you better get inventive with your recruitment advertising. Russell Taylor has found these 10 ads that got it just right:

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Play on the skills you know your job candidate will need – if you put a little test in your advert, the quality of responses to your advertisement will be significantly better. Plus with a challenge you’re more likely to attract people who enjoy hard work and are more committed to the job; they have to make an effort in the very first instance, so you won’t get the usual copy and paste responses.

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If you’re a recruitment agency it’s a clever idea to make a point: many people are unhappy with their current job, so attract their attention with something funny but something that might also hit home.

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Be eye catching. Adverts don’t have to be flat and put in the usual places, if you’re feeling creative get an actor to be your advert and show people what the job is really all about. This advert from Malteser Frankfurt, is a charity so it can’t offer pay in exchange for work, and can’t afford to spend a lot on advertising, so this is a cheap alternative that will still draw a lot of attention.

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Show people what they could be. This advert from the NHS shows that any ordinary person can be extraordinary and make peoples’ lives better by working as a healthcare assistant.

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Humour is memorable and eye catching, make the viewers of your advertisement laugh and they will be more interested in exploring who created the advert. Light-heartedness can portray your company as a positive place to work, or if you’re a recruitment agency it can show that you’re more human and you understand peoples’ needs.

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Another way of drawing attention is to play on current events, with unemployment so high many job seekers know their C.V. is more and more likely to go unnoticed, this advert picks up on that fact and shows people the consequences of not making a change.

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With job advertisements, it’s a good idea to play on the quirks and in jokes that come with that area of employment, that way only people who are already in tune with the industry will respond to your advert! Dallas Restaurant and Bar posted this advert as they knew exactly the kind of person they wanted for the job.

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If you’re tired of having to sift through piles of applications and generic C.Vs, you can instantly cut down the applicants to only the people who are capable of completing the job by providing a difficult task! In the advert above only those who can solve the equation will be able to find out the right number to call.

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This advert will instantly put off anyone who isn’t already passionate about the job, as it points out all the worst parts of the role. They’ve made it so they’re only likely to get serious applicants.

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Finally you can always just be honest with your potential new employees, as in the advert above. Murder Burger points out that they’re not advertising a difficult job, they don’t ask much of you, and they can’t offer you a lot of it, but this advert certainly shows off the personality and attitudes of the company!

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