There’s no denying that Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most beloved athletes to ever walk the planet. Larger-than-life, Arnold showed us that dedication can lead to triumph. And many of the lessons that Arnold Schwarzenegger has taught the world can be applied to your career or job search.

If you’re trying to find jobs with no success, learn from these following 10 lessons straight from the Terminator himself.

1. Defeat Happens to All of Us

Known for having a body that resembles a Greek God, Arnold Schwarzenegger entered the world of bodybuilding with a sense of arrogance. He thought that his size was enough to beat Frank Zane, but he lost his first Mr. Universe contest in 1968 to Zane.

While he won the Mr. Universe the following year, he lost the Mr. Olympia competition to Sergio Oliva.

2. Diversity is Good

Arnold knew that he cannot maintain his physique into old age. That’s why he chose to go into many different careers, such as acting and politics. He earned his degree in business and economics at the University of Wisconsin, and positioned himself to be able to work in a variety of different fields.

3. Don’t Let Limitations Stop Your Success

Limitations were a major part of Arnold’s success. He could not speak English when he first came to the country, and still competed in many competitions. He never let these limitations hold him back. He did whatever it took to find success, and you should tune your career.

4. Hard Work is the Difference Between Success and Failure

Many people quit when the going gets tough. Arnold was able to achieve greatness through determination and a hard work ethic. No matter the cost, Arnold works at an entirely new level to reach success.

If you do not work hard, you will have failure in the future.

5. Change is Good

Everyone hates change, but lack of change can cripple your career. Oftentimes, people will stay with the same company because they’re comfortable with their surroundings and the work they need to perform. It’s something many people do to avoid the undesirable change that comes with changing careers or companies.

You need to view change as a new starting point; a chance to grow and excel in your field.

You need to take the leap of faith and follow change when you’re stagnant in the field. This can be anything from moving up to a new higher position, or leaving your current company to work with a startup that has immense potential.

6. Aim for the Top

No one ever thought that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be a politician. Not only was he the governor of California, but he has mingled with some of the world’s most influential people.

If there’s one thing you can learn from Arnold, it’s that you need to aim for the top and never give up to find success.

7. Always Have a Vision

Where is your career going? Arnold knew at the tender age of 15 that he wanted to be the best. He wanted to win the Mr. Olympia contest, and this vision helped him succeed in his quest to being perhaps the most defined, in terms of muscularity, bodybuilder to ever walk the earth.

Arnold states that you need to “believe in your vision, and be relentless in your pursuit.”

8. Follow Your Dreams

Dreams are often disregarded by people. Don’t let other people’s opinions harm your chances of following your dreams. People told Arnold that he was crazy to think that he would become governor of California.

You must follow your dreams in such a way that it seems like you’re possessed with passion and dedication.

If you don’t follow dreams in your career, you’ll find that all the opportunities you wish you had passed you by because you believed other people’s opinions rather than your own hard work.

9. Break the Rules

Breaking the rules doesn’t mean that you have to break the law, or get yourself in trouble with your company. Instead, this means you should think outside of the box and do something different. This makes you stand out and break away from the norms that leave you stuck in a cubicle without any recognition.

10. Always Give Back

The final lesson that you can learn from Arnold is that you need to give back in life. When trying to apply this to your career, small gifts or training a new person to excel in the industry can pay dividends in the end.

Arnold gives to the homeless, donates clothing and blood, and does anything he can for people that are around him. You should follow in his footsteps, and give back in your career. This may mean helping a nonprofit organization, assisting someone in need in your field, or simply saying “thank you” to those that have supported you.