What makes a great employee?

We often post about how to improve current styles of management, but company culture and employee engagement is a two sided gig.

Employees need to be performing awesomely in order to have a amazing culture within their office, and, more importantly, so an organization can become even more successful.

There are certain traits that go with being a great employee and we’ve take the time to bring it down to ten.

So here are the 10 Admirable Attributes Of A Great Employee:

  1. Ambitious: Seeks improvement for both the company and themselves, driving success through leadership and determination.
  2. Autonomous: Thrives on freedom, confirming assumptions independently, and excelling in time management for increased productivity.
  3. Humble: Embraces humility, ensuring a cooperative and respectful work environment without arrogance.
  4. Passionate: Finds joy and motivation in their work, fostering a positive and engaging workplace culture.
  5. Confident: Demonstrates belief in their abilities and the impact of their work, contributing to an inspiring office atmosphere.
  6. Honest: Practices transparency and integrity, creating a trustworthy and drama-free environment.
  7. Creative: Generates innovative ideas, breaking the monotony and contributing to business growth and development.
  8. Reliable: Known for accountability and dependability, facilitating task delegation and team synergy.
  9. Eager: Displays a readiness to learn and embrace new challenges, aiming for continuous improvement and success.
  10. Positive: Influences the workplace with optimism, enhancing interpersonal relationships and overall work performance.

These attributes of a good employee not only define the essence of a valuable employee but also serve as a guide for personal and professional development.

Recognizing and cultivating these qualities can significantly enhance one’s contribution to their organization and lead to a more fulfilling career.

10 attributes of a good employee infographic

1. Ambitious

A great employee will always be ambitious and want to not only improve the company, but themselves as individuals as well.

Having ambition means that you have drive to succeed and are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals. So bringing that mentality in the workplace will benefit the company greatly.

Ambitious people often tend to be leaders in their workplace.

2. Autonomous

Having employee autonomy within offices give employees the freedom to work on their project and gives them the opportunity to confirm assumptions that they may have.

I think having integrity goes hand-in-hand with being autonomous.

A great employee will be responsible enough to handle autonomy and make the right decisions improve their work.

More importantly, an autonomous employee will be able to manage their time well enough to complete monster tasks quickly and be more productive.

3. Humble

We’ve all heard the famous quote, “humility is the key to success.”

That quote is even more real within the workplace. There is no room for arrogance within a great workplace.

Sure, there will always be a mix of characters in any workplace, but there’s no room for people who aren’t humble and will likely ruffle feathers whenever they communicate with others.

4. Passionate

What’s more amazing than having an employee that is passionate about their work?

Without passion there’s no real reason to go to work.

A great employee is passionate about going to work and loves being around their colleagues and making them better.

So if you’re having a bit of trouble finding passion in your work. Consider asking for new challenges that will rekindle the flame and have you fall in love with your job again.

5. Confident

A great employee needs to be confident in their work and on their influence on the office.

Believe it or not, it’s up to the office’s culture to really determine how confident an employee can get.

So create an inspiring that motivates and inspires people. So they can be confident and be able to perform better at work.

6. Honest

An honest employee allows the work environment to be loose and doesn’t leave any room for drama.

Honesty goes hand in hand with transparency!

An honest employee is going to be transparent and let people know what’s going on at all times. And remember, being transparent in the workplace will only make better the office’s culture and allow people to feel good within the office walls.

7. Creative

Creatives are being sought after now, more than ever!

We are entering a new workforce where people need great ideas to thrive and grow businesses.

Get your creative juices flowing by trying new things and breaking mundaneness and the redundancy of your daily routine. Change it up and continually try new things to make your days more productive.

8. Reliable

This one is pretty easy to guess, but reliable people usually make great employees.

They are people who are accountable and can be entrusted with tasks. They’ll also help with the synergy in the office and make it easier for managers to delegate tasks.

It’s no surprise that the reliable ones tend to be the overachievers, for the mere fact that they get things done.

9. Eager

I think the word eager may sound negative, but here it’s being used to describe an employee as someone who is striving for greatness.

This trait has a lot to do with being ambitious and wanting to succeed.

So if you can, go into your workplace eager to learn new things and want to try new concepts that will better your workflow.

10. Positive

This one might be the most important trait of them all!

It’s important to be surrounded by positivity. Great employees have the ability to positively influence all those around them and make sure that they can perform great as well.

Being positive is a mindset that will not only improve interpersonal relationships at the office, but also allow you to work optimally.

Do You Like The Traits Of A Great Employee?

Do you think we’ve missed out on any traits? What do you think makes a great employee? Let us know in the comments below!