Traditionally, when users stake their crypto, the ‘lock and hold’ mechanism allows them to earn rewards like interest in a bank savings account.

However, staking systems have often been rigid and one-dimensional and ApeMax is seeking to redefine these norms by introducing its ‘boost to earn’ mechanism. This article outlines a simple step-by-step guide on how to buy ApeMax tokens.

Additionally, we give you an overview of ApeMax, a new-age staking platform, wherein you’ll learn about its unique system, how it differs from traditional staking methods, and how it works on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is ApeMax?

ApeMax offers a fresh perspective on digital asset staking, debuting its ‘boost to earn’ platform in the crypto arena. This ‘boosting’ principle introduces a new variant of staking, vesting benefits on all associated parties.

In contrast to existing staking methods, ApeMax facilitates token owners to back their favored creators, influencers, or emerging crypto ventures by dedicating their tokens to these individuals or groups.

ApeMax Presale

This arrangement is characterized by its mutual reward system – an ApeMax token holder, by supporting or ‘boosting’ a ‘Stakable Entity,’ initiates a token distribution to both themselves and the entity they’ve boosted.

This mutual exchange promotes token holders’ backing of preferred entities and constructs a fruitful environment for creators and new projects.

Housed on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token, ApeMax capitalizes on this network’s decentralization and available power. Its staking mechanism integrates three fundamental aspects — additional rewards for staking, a transfer levy, and a staking fee — to fortify its prospects for long-term durability.

These aspects, outlined in the ApeMax whitepaper, strike a balance crucial for a thriving ecosystem.

A defining feature of ApeMax is its immediate practical applicability. The staking system is fully active, including the presale phase, thus enabling users to start accruing ApeMax tokens straightaway.

This stance ensures users can begin engaging with and aiding the growth of their chosen organizations from the earliest stage.

Boost to earn has been a key driver in ApeMax’s launch, which has seen rapid take-up since launch and drew in $120,000 of investment in its first 24 hours.

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How to Buy ApeMax Token – Step-by-Step Guide

Investing in ApeMax tokens is simple, which we have broken down into five easy steps:

Step 1: Set Up Your MetaMask Account

To start the process users must have a Web3 wallet – such as MetaMask – which is available as a mobile app or desktop browser extension.

MetaMask is a secure and user-friendly digital wallet that will serve as your storage for ApeMax tokens, although there are alternatives.

After downloading, the app guides you through the account creation process.

Step 2: Fund Your Wallet

To acquire ApeMax tokens, you’ll need some crypto. Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, USDT, and USDC are among the currencies accepted by ApeMax.

You can buy crypto directly from MetaMask using your bank card via a trusted third party such as MoonPay. Alternatively, users can use a centralized exchange or crypto broker – once purchased, transfer the crypto to the MetaMask account.

Step 3: Navigate to the ApeMax Presale Page

Having topped up your MetaMask wallet with the necessary crypto, the next step is to visit the ApeMax website. Here, you’ll select the ‘Buy with Crypto’ button.

How to Buy ApeMax

Soon after, select the appropriate wallet from the options depending on your wallet.

Select Wallet Step 4: Execute the Purchase

After you’ve selected your wallet, you must choose the crypto you want to swap for $APEMAX tokens.

Swap Crypto For ApeMax

You’re now in the final step of buying your tokens. Enter the number of $APEMAX you wish to buy and swap the existing crypto for them. Follow the instructions provided on the website and authorize the transaction through MetaMask.

ApeMax also provides a unique feature called ‘Gas Saver Mode’, allowing you to save on gas fees during the purchase.

This mode reserves your tokens – which can then be minted onto the blockchain starting from the end of May – giving you the flexibility to mint when gas prices are most favorable.

Step 5: Collect Your ApeMax Tokens

After the presale period concludes, return to the ApeMax website, connect your MetaMask wallet, and claim your ApeMax tokens.

Considering the fluctuating gas prices, you can choose the optimal day and time to mint your tokens if you’ve opted for the Gas Saver Mode. 

ApeMax will release dates and times for claiming after the presale ends.


ApeMax has emerged as a promising addition to the digital asset space and has already seen $120,000 of investment in its first 24 hours. The project incentivizes token holders to support their favorite entities for rewards and is reshaping traditional crypto staking models.

However, it is not on our list for the best crypto presales as we believe there are other new projects that offer better a better use case and a higher potential for short and long-term success.


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