Smoking will kill you. We all know that. We all believe that.

You can’t present a legitimate argument that discounts the danger of filling your lungs with smoke. Smoking kills you.

Yet millions of people smoke. Why?

Because they’re not dead yet.

Sure there are consequences for doing stupid things, but the consequences aren’t happening right now — so it’s easy to imagine that you’re one of the lucky few who can get away with breaking the rules.

Drinking sugary soda drinks leads to being fat and out of shape. We all know that. We all believe that.

Millions of people still drink those drinks — sometimes substituting sugar for the chemicals in diet sugary soda drinks. Why? Because they’re not fat enough to be bothered.

There’s somebody else who is more out of shape.

Green leafy vegetables and regular exercise help prevent diseases like cancer, bolster your immune system, and improve your concentration and mental abilities. We know that daily exercise leads to less stress, more happiness, and fewer emotional problems.

Yet millions of people don’t exercise and don’t eat vegetables.

You know the information that will make you happy and wealthy and powerful. You already know how to conquer and concentrate and commit. It is not a mystery.

There is no new training program or online educational “super-secret, get-rich-quick” plan that will help you any more than the information you already know.

Most of us are just too lazy, apathetic, or comfortable to stop being stuck as a loser.

Fat, dumb, and happy.

All that changes when you lose your job or when you get cancer or when someone you love decides they don’t love you back.

All of a sudden, you look around and realize that you’ve wasted your life playing it safe. You’ve wasted your moment to achieve greatness all because you never acted on the information you already know to be true.

Information won’t make you awesome. Transformation will. That should be your banner cry: “A New Me..”

Ask yourself. What do I need to do to win more? What new skills should I be developing to keep winning? What nasty habits are crippling my ability to be amazing?

You need transformation.

You don’t need more information. You need an insatiable appetite for being better.

Otherwise, you’ll still be making excuses years from now — explaining why you never seem to reach your full potential, even though you “know it all”.