Every day I come across at least a couple of articles on “Work Life Balance”. But I am yet to find a definition which I found apt!

So what exactly is “Work-Life” Balance ? I ask myself

It is one in which one is able to “Maintain long term equilibrium between personal aspirations, a professional career and family commitments”:

– In terms of “professional career” : In the long run, your work and contributions are in line with your background, experience and qualifications; you achieve notable progress in an acceptable time period and most importantly – you earn income which is commensurate with your work contributions.

– In terms of “family commitments”: You are able set, define, refine and re-define the expectations of the many roles you plays in the context of “family”(For a working mother – the roles include that of a mother / wife / daughter / sister / daughter-in-law / sister-in-law, etc.), and live in peace with this.

– In terms of “personal aspirations” : You are able to find some time on a regular basis for yourself, doing things that you truly enjoy or fulfilling your own personal secret wishes

Ever since I started my journey as a mother, I have been on the quest for this “elusive” work life balance. In the past 4 years, here’s what I realized about “Work-Life Balance”

1) There is no universal definition of “work-life balance” – To each his / her own. And rightly so!
2) “Work life balance” is elusive; and will possible elude you till eternity!
3) As a working professional, it is almost impossible to maintain “work-life balance” for an extended period of time. There will be phases of imbalance (more than you’d like) – In some phases, work takes Number 1 priority, and in other phases your personal life takes Number 1 priority.

As a working professional, you will most likely have to make tough decisions, trade-offs and choices. Each of these will come at a price – The price can be in terms of having to let-go of personal aspirations for several years of your life OR putting a brake on your career / taking a career break OR letting-go of something’s as far as your children’s upbringing / family expectations are concerned.

That’s my view.. What’s yours? Leave a comment to let me know..