Please don’t put a misogynistic slant on this personal observance on the state of the male “place” in our society. “Place” #1 – A man should never hit, disrespect, slander, belittle, cause harm to come to, or in any other way initiate, perpetuate  or placate a woman, in public or private, at no time, for no reason, short of an immediate life threatening situation. A man can and shall not tell a woman what to wear, when to wear it, where to go, when to return or whom to travel with. A man shall pay the tab, hold the door and like the American Express card, never leave home without her. A man shall jump when told to jump, and not only ask ‘how high’, but when to come down!

“Place #2 – No woman wants a wimp. Why do good girls like bad boys? Samson and Delilah, Adam and Eve, behind every good man is a strong woman, go tell your father! all men are dogs, for sure, THIS one is my baby daddy,  basketball wives/groupies, “I’ll get my brother/husband/boyfriend/uncle to kick your_ _ _!

Women, if you couldn’t have both, and most times you can’t, which would you prefer?

Food for thought.