Coughs and colds are very common this time of year. You may simply share and catch colds from your colleagues and friends or from infected surfaces in your office like desks, doorknobs, etc. Since your business is very much affected whenever you or your employees get sick, it’s very necessary to take preventive measures. Here are just a few tips to keep your office clean and healthy as possible.

Encourage and Practice Proper Hygiene. If you’re a business owner, one way you can promote good hygiene in your workspace is to encourage employees to have a regular hand washing and supply them with anti-bacterial soaps, alcohol, and waste baskets to dispose their used tissues. Germs are everywhere. Simple shaking hands with an infected employee and bringing your hands to your face can already make you sick.

Promote Transparency. You can encourage your employees to speak up and be honest with how they feel. This act of letting each other know can help co-workers take proper precautions. Also, it’s good to assure employees that it’s ok to go home, be absent or take a leave, if they are sick.

Encourage Proper Nutrition. I work in a company where meals are being served for free. So if you’re just like us, you have a better chance to promote proper nutrition among your employees. Serve healthy and balanced food. Make some research about what groups of food essential for strengthening the immune system and effective in fighting off viruses. Help protect your employees’ health by shying away from unhealthy and damaging types of food.

A healthy workplace increases and sustains employee productivity. So if you want your people to deliver you more B2B leads and appointments despite the peak of cold and flu season, you need to keep your office clean and germ-free.

This post originally appeared at CallBoxInc.