What is love? The question has been asked by many recording artists, actors and diamond retailers. The problem with that is, everyone has their own answer. However when it comes to love, there is one sure thing: it lowers your blood pressure. That’s right, love is good for your heart.

A new study postulates that when people are around their spouses or partners their blood pressure lowers somewhat. The lowering wasn’t drastic (one point), but it was enough for scientists to report it as significant. Thus, being in a serious, committed relationship can add years to your life and protect against heart disease.

The lowering of the blood pressure comes as a result of familiarity and comfort with that person. Even individuals who were in bad relationships still benefitted from the drop because of the connection. A related series of studies have been conducted in the U.S., Scandinavia and Japan about how living alone can shorten life span. On average, those who were disconnected from social interaction died faster than those who were connected.

More conclusive research needs to be done, but the findings are fairly sound. Those who have love in their lives will live longer than those who don’t. Haddaway never gave an answer to his classic question. Despite that, the faster we find out what love is, the longer we’ll be around to enjoy it.

Author: Jordan Freis is a freelance writer for MyCollegesandCareers.com. My Colleges and Careers helps people determine if an online education is right for them and helps them understand which colleges are the best online colleges for them and their specific situation.